{Rarely} Wordless Wednesday ~ Homeschool Spring Day

Mary is not the only one who had a lamb or
took her lamb to school one day!

After our long winter, we need some change of view and some inspirations to stick to our homeschooling.  So today it was outdoors, including the baby lamb being a part of it! The lamb is very social and likes being right by the kids. By all appearance here, it may not seem they did much schoolwork, but they did get it done, eventually! I am wondering what the neighbors thought as they drove by!  SMILE!


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wordless wednesday

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Vistaprint – $5.99 Mugs + Free Shipping For New Customers (April 21-25)


lready I am seeing the advertisements for MOTHER’S DAY! It is next month! It’s always fun to find new unique ideas.  Here’s a hint for my kids!  :)  Well, really, I was thinking my daughter who will celebrate her first mother’s day would also enjoy one of these personally designed cups.

From now until Friday, Vistaprint is offering up 50% off personalized mugs—making them only $5.99! On top of that, new customers receive free shipping—so if you haven’t tried out Vistaprint yet, you can get a customized mug sent right to your door with no extra cost.

Show your gratitude and appreciation with these personalized mugs as thoughtful gifts for the fast approaching holidays. Consider filling up these mugs with goodies like chocolates, coffee bags, or school supplies for your kids’ teachers on the last day of school or National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 6th. For any coffee or tea loving parents, these would also be perfect Mother’s Day, coming up soon on May 11th, and Father’s Day gifts. How about a graduation gift? Or, considering picking up one for yourself—customize the mugs with your favorite photos to start your morning off with a smile. If you have more than one photo, the collage mugs, which come with a variety of colorful backgrounds, would be a good canvas to showcase them all.

The $5.99 Mugs + Free Shipping for New Customers offer ends on Friday, April 25th . This offer is not combinable with other promotions, including cash back programs. Just enter promo code SIP at checkout to save!

Five Minute Friday – “GLUE” for Holy Week Crafts


Start . . .



e have been doing some crafts this past week for this Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday and the main ingredient we have used to put some things together is GLUE.  In the past we have made Jesus’ tomb but this year, we did it a little different and more detailed.

Remember Jesus ~ made our own garden with glued rocks for tomb and used rye grass and moss, along with sticks from yard.We made Jesus’ garden in this old raised dish.  One of my daughters found moss and we also planted some rye seed which we have had to cut down a couple of times.  Then, we used a lot of hot glue and made a tomb.  It is hard to tell in the picture, but there is an opening. That big rock will be rolled in front of it, and Resurrection Sunday, it will be rolled away! The candles with Jesus carrying the cross was handmade by Ann Voskamp’s son.  

Another Pinterest idea we put together is a decoupage candle with spring flowers and sections from an old songbook with hymns torn out that are typically sung for Easter. Again, lots of glue to put this together.  From a distance, it looks very shinny and not like something that has been well glued with magazine pictures and hymn pages!

vase made into candle by doing decoupage with magazine and hymnal pages

. . . Finish

fiveWe write for five minutes flat.  All on the same prompt posted here at 1 minute past midnight EST every Friday. And we connect on Twitter with the hashtag #FMFParty (It stands for Five Minute Friday Party).

No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.
Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

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A Faithful Garden


pring has sprung in most of the US. And while many Northerners may still have frozen ground (and even a bit of snow), people are still anxious to get their thumbs green for the first time in 2014.  Whether you’ve been able to plant year-round or you’re patiently waiting for your inaugural opportunity, this major seasonal shift is a great time to think about how you may want to decorate your garden.  Your home’s outdoor space is the first thing people see, so focus on making the garden decor welcoming, personal, and representative of who you are.

If you are a person of faith, the great outdoors is likely an important reminder of God’s presence.  Consider sprucing up your outdoor space with religious garden décor from St. Patrick’s Guild.  Religious statues make for great garden décor.  St. Francis is a perennially popular garden statue and would be a wonderful nod to your own reverence for animals.  If you are self-deprecating, you might choose a St. Jude garden statue from St. Patrick’s guild – after all, he is the patron saint of lost causes and could be a wonderful guide if you love gardening but struggle to master it!  Many St. Patrick’s Guild customers choose religious angel garden statues.  Angel décor still accentuate your spiritual side, while being more universal than saint statues.

Beyond religious garden statues, garden stepping stones from St. Patrick’s Guild are a great choice if you want spiritual decorations with a lower profile.  Religious stepping stones for the garden can pay homage to your ethnic heritage (Celtic stepping stones are the most common) or they may depict an angel or other religious figure.  St. Patrick’s Guild also offers stepping stones that can honor lost family members or friends.   You may also like to select stepping stones with a spiritual quote.  Or mix and match all types!  Customers at St. Patrick’s Guild appreciate that stepping stones also serve the important practical purpose of guiding garden visitors along a marked path – rather than through precious flowers or plants!

If you have enough garden-level décor or you prefer to fill your ground with only living things, you can still bring a level of interest and a depth of color to your outdoor space with a religious suncatcher in your window.  With the flowers, plants, and food down below and the suncatcher displayed in a nearby window, there will be a sense of comprehensiveness to your outdoor décor planning and choices.  St. Patrick’s Guild carries more than 50 spiritual suncatchers to enhance your garden décor.  The fantastic thing about suncatchers is that they also bring life and color inside.  You may want a spiritual suncatcher that features the same lovely flowers as those in your garden, or perhaps a religious quote or bible verse is more your style.

Again, rejoice, because spring has sprung!  It is a universally lovely time (if a bit muddy!) so revel in the joy by planning your garden décor so you can enjoy it for the entirety of spring, summer and fall.

About the Author:  Jessica Haas’ family has owned and operated St. Patrick’s Guild since 1949.  One of the nation’s finest purveyors of Christian and inspirational gifts! Join in the conversation on Facebook.

Throwback Thursday ~ Easter Sundays

TBT Easters 001

{Not Really A} Wordless Wednesday – Spring Lamb

“Lilly” – Our Spring Lamb

This little lamb has been getting MUCH attention! It’s a good teaching example to our children as well, with her coming this Holy Week, in relating to the Passover Lamb which was the animal the Israelites used as a sacrifice.  They had to kill a young male lamb without any blemish and put it’s blood on the tops and sides of their door frame. When God saw the lamb’s blood on the door frame, He would “pass over” that home and not take their firstborn son, which was the last plague against Pharaoh.  (Read the full story here) We no longer have to follow this ritual of sacrificing a lamb, because Jesus Himself “is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29) who went willingly to allow Himself be the sacrifice as His blood was spilled on a cross for us.  


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wordless wednesday

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Six Tips for Protecting Kids’ Teeth


roper dental care is just as important for kids as for adults.  Neglecting teeth early on can set the stage for lots of dental problems later in life. A Nashua, NH dentist is a great resource for how to best care for a child’s teeth.

Brush Teeth Early and Often


Teefs! (Photo credit: makelessnoise)

Whether a child has one tooth or a mouthful, it is essential to brush every day. Baby’s teeth should be brushed at least once a day; water on a baby toothbrush with soft bristles can be used or teeth can be wiped off with a damp washcloth. By the time she is several years old a child should be brushing and flossing once in the morning and once at night, with parental help. A child will be able to brush her own teeth by approximately age six. Flossing takes a little longer to master; learning how to do it well may not occur until at least age 10. Getting buy-in from a child can make oral hygiene easier and even fun; letting her choose the toothbrush she wants is a good way to engage her in the process.

Control Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking

It is very natural and soothing for a young child to want to suck on a pacifier or his/ her thumb, but long term use can cause problems for the teeth and mouth. Many dentists recommend the use of pacifiers and thumb sucking should stop by the time a child is two. A family dentist can provide tips on how to make sure this transition occurs.

Great reminders for parents - Important tips to care for your child's teeth from newborn to young adult. Avoid Putting a Baby Down With a Bottle

It can be tempting to give a child a bottle of milk or juice when putting them down for a nap or the night. This habit can actually cause a lot of problems; the sugars in these drinks can stick to teeth and feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

It is a good idea to take a child to the dentist after the first tooth appears or by his/ her first birthday, whichever happens first. After that, bi-annual dental visits are recommended. When the whole family goes to the same dentist, the experience becomes very familiar and appointments can be consecutively scheduled for convenience.

Have a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for healthy teeth. Eating lots of fruits and vegetable and limiting sugar as much as possible can go a long way towards keeping teeth looking good and cavity free. Restricting fruit juice consumption can also help; fruit juice has very high sugar content and can easily cause tooth decay.

Get Into a Good Routine

Getting into a good dental routine right off the bat will lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Parents who have great oral hygiene can be very positive role models for their children; it will be harder for parents to insist their children eat well and brush regularly if they don’t do these things themselves.

Following these tips can assist in establishing good dental habits early in life. Taking the time to discuss them with Fisichelli, Beach and Brar Family Dentistry can provide additional helpful information that will guide your child to good oral hygiene in the future!

Article Contributor: Fisichelli, Beach & Brar Family Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care to patients in Nashua, NH. Follow our practice online at the FBB Family Dentistry Blog here: http://fbbfamilydentistry.wordpress.com

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