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Five Minute Friday: {Blog} BREAK


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did not know that Lisa Jo was taking a break from Five Minute Friday, until I read it on Twitter and is being hosted here.  I’ve been doing the same the past week or so.  Though I am still doing some writing under a pseudonym for another larger blog, I am enjoying SPRING and less required time on my computer. It was such a long winter, and even though the weather is not totally cooperating with warmth, I am pretending it IS spring!  I went out with 7 ladies for dinner tonight, and I and another were wearing flip flops.  It was barely 50 degrees, but we were both declaring it being spring and so we are acting like it’s spring!  

So during this break from my blog, I’ve been reading more, getting more schooling done with the youngest three so we can be done before the next two who have 15 school snow days to make up, going into mid-June! We’ve been painting, rearranging rooms and de-cluttering.  I even found a maintenance agreement to our washer which I did not realize we had, called, and the next day the guy was out going over our washer that gets heavily used and he was amazed at how clean and well working it was!  Maybe cuz we use it several times daily?!?!?!  It does not have time to build up anything!  My sewing room is all organized – even my fabric, by color or fabric type! And all those little scraps that I was going to make some quilt from someday, GONE!

The table in our kitchen is bursting with vegetable and flower plants, ready for the soil to stay warm, but it appears our spring is taking a break as well.  Soon we will take a break from the science books and be planting our garden outside. Youngest son will get distracted with his bright red bicycle and youngest daughter will find her butterfly net and be chasing butterflies while the rest of us let the warm soil slip through our fingers.  

I’m not ready to take a break from spring or summer though!    

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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: {Blog} BREAK

  1. Hi Loni! joining you today at the #fmfparty… and grateful for your words. It’s so important to unplug, for our own sanity, but most of all for the sake of our relationships – with each other and with our heavenly Father. Glad to connect with you today – have a great weekend! x Ruth

  2. I am definitely ready for a break from winter! It snowed here (flurries) on the weekend. Normally I am swimming by now! This God of ours is definitely keeping us on our toes 😉 It seems like as the weather is warming up in a lot of places that more and more people are taking a break from the computer to enjoy. Lisa Jo forgot to tell us that she was on a break until the party so you were likely just as shocked as the rest of us who had showed up for the prompt! I hope she is using her break for a break but something tells me she is likely working hard at something else. I guess we will find out sooner or later. God bless you and I pray you have a wonderful and WARM weekend!

  3. Here in the UK we are finally having some beautiful weather, yet we never trust it will stay as for us British weather has a mind of it’s own.

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