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Friday Favorites


hough I have taken the last month or so off from daily writing, I still do a lot of reading online. Today I am just sharing some things that have encouraged me that I’d like to pass on.  I hope you can be encouraged as I have been.  


One of my daughters introduced me to this song, Be Still by The Fray.  

“Be Still”

Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still and know that I am here
Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still, be still, and know

When darkness comes upon you
And covers you with fear and shame
Be still and know that I’m with you
And I will say your name

If terror falls upon your bed
And sleep no longer comes
Remember all the words I said
Be still, be still, and know

And when you go through the valley
And the shadow comes down from the hill
If morning never comes to be
Be still, be still, be still

If you forget the way to go
And lose where you came from
If no one is standing beside you
Be still and know I am

Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still and know I am


This simple but needed truth from Chuck Swindoll to “Be Accountable” is well worth the 90 seconds to watch.  




A week or so ago, an online friend introduced me to the song, Brave by Sara Barelles.  I did not realize how popular this secular song is until now that I am hearing it all the time.  It’s a song my kids already knew and has been our new theme lately, to be brave – past our fears and brave for God. I think God really wanted me to grasp it even more when I got this devotional today.  God knew I needed to hear more on being brave.  Might you too?

BRAVE“It is brave to get up and carry on with your day even if you have a broken heart … It is brave to be married and committed. It’s brave to be sick and yet full of joy. It is brave to be quiet when you want to scream.

. . . I need the reminder, every day, that no part of me is a mistake and my normal life isn’t so normal….

These two stories – God made you on purpose and God made you to be brave – are what my life is about. Because I want you to believe it, but even more so because I need to be reminded and I need to believe it.

By Annie Downs,
Author of  Let’s All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have



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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. HI Loni, Great reminders all around. I love the image that God made me on purpose. I am a mom to 5, mom-in-love to 3, nana to 13. My son and his wife are expecting #7. Two of my 3 married kids are homeschooling. Great to meet you too. Blessings, Amy

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