Review Disclaimer

  1. You will find on my blog I do many book & product reviews.  As a homeschool mom of over 22 years (5 have graduated – 5 more to go!) and a busy household, including 3 married children, an almost year old grandbaby, and children ages 7-18 still living at home, there’s a vast amount of interests and items we can review for our family as a whole.  

    DISCLAIMER: Reviews, Affiliate links & Ads are done in a variety of ways . . . sometimes a product is provided to me to use and keep in exchange for the review.  Sometimes this is done, plus compensation while other times reviews are done at a per-word-charge. Occasionally a blog post is provided to me for compensation. PLEASE NOTE that I do not necessarily agree with all webpages I may link to be it their content, moral values or Christian values .  Please understand that I do limit what I write about, but some maybe on the border or may not realize where they link to or changes they may make with their webpage after I review it.  Please write to me privately with any questions or concerns. 

  2. I used to work outside the home as a legal secretary for one of the largest law firms in Michigan and also for a large stock brokerage.  Since, I have worked with my husband with several businesses, including owning and operating our own licensed pet shop for over ten years, being a distributor for Shaklee Vitamins & Herbs (and still have a great interest in vitamins, herbs and health), a Tupperware distributor, & now my husband owns and operates his own small engine repair business which I help him with (but not the repairs!).  I’ve have bought and sold a lot on eBay and traded on Listia.  I enjoy knitting, sewing, quilting, reading, Bible studies, and children’s books and education.  I love crafting and find too many ideas on Pinterest!  I have been blogging over 8 years and enjoy writing and reading blogs and have a dream of someday writing a book!  Here’s just a short list of ideas I can blog on, including the boldface above:

    kid’s games, homeschool books and products, weddings, graduation, college, bridesmaid’s dresses, little girl’s dresses, cooking, kitchen items, cleaning products, college, on-line college courses, car insurance, kid’s car insurance, mortgages, home business, furniture, bathroom items, flowers, jewelry, engagement rings, kid’s clothes, plus size clothes, grandchildren, baby items, knitting, movies, books, hotels, honeymoon destinations, formal wear, reviewing websites, coupons, specials, shoes, formal shoes, swimming, swimming pools, insects, bats, animals, goats, puppies, dogs, house training, child training, potty training, on-line education . . . .  ETC . . .  MUCH MORE!

    It is always my goal to be very personal with my reviews.  I put my heart into reading, trying out products, and getting the most out of them, including personal pictures and a true critique.

    If you are interested in my doing a review for you,
    please leave a comment!!

  3. I purposely do NOT post an e-mail address to avoid spamming, but will get back to you as soon as possible.  Your comment will not show up on this page unless I’ve approved a previous comment.  I generally remove all comments once I have responded. Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you and your product or book!  

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