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Re-Purposing Pajama’s & Sheets for Grandbaby


Re-purposing sheets & PJ's for Baby

f you haven’t read yet, I AM A GRANDMA to the most beautiful grandbaby EVER! Even before she was born, I was busy making various things to help out her parents and start lovin’ on the baby, including a quilt and Grab ‘n Go Baby Bags. With my younger girls we also made numerous burp cloths from just scraps of cotton & flannel fabric I had on hand.  I often look at Good Will for colorful sheets because I can get a LOT of use out of them.  Better yet is to find a cotton duvet because it’s double fabric of a sheet.  From one duvet I used part of it to use as the backing of a  twin sized quilt, and another portion of it for the grandbaby’s quilt, and then numerous scraps of it for burp cloths, with still some left over.  To the right is the first set of burp cloths we made, rolled up and put in a pretty little basket (a leftover from a wedding last year). The polka-dot material is part of the duvet fabric.  

Re-purposing PJ's & Sheets for BabyAfter our grandbaby was born, my daughter was quickly learning how nursing babies leak through their diapers and leave a mess on the changing table.  She only had one cover for the table, so she wondered about some additional burp cloths but wider, for the changing table.  A friend had just given me some pajama’s which did not fit, but were a nice cotton flannel and I got ten nice sized changing pad cloths made for baby made out of it.  I love how soft and colorful they are – and they are being used!  🙂

Baby1So much money can be saved by re-purposing things.  Even if you cannot sew, give old towels or flannel sheets, shirts & PJ’s  to someone who can sew to someone who can re-purpose it.  People love homemade gifts, and re-purposing saves lots of money!

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