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Inspire Me Monday: Week 89 ~ Baby Gift Idea: “Grab & Go Baby Bags”


hope that my Inspire Me Monday can inspire someone else!  A friend of ours gave me a box full of baby clothing for our soon-to-be-born first grandbaby (probably THIS week) that she got from a garage sale. I soaked them in a combination of laundry, dishwasher detergent and bleach, overnight.  It all came out pretty clean, including the formula stains.  Then, I put it together, which I am showing below, some “grab and go” bags for them . .  for those busy days when nothing goes as planned, and they were supposed to be out the door already.  (May help dad out a lot too!!)

Baby Gift Idea: "Grab & Go Baby Bags"

So first, I got everything together that I was going to put in the “Grab & Go Baby Bags”, including a full outfit change (for the most part, one piece outfits, so I did not have to also put in socks), onsie, diapers, wipes and zip-lock bags.  I got the wipes from the dollar store, with where $1 for 6 packs of about 5 wipes per back.

Baby Gift Idea: "Grab & Go Baby Bags" I divided them all up into piles.  Some things were not necessarily an outfit,
such as preemie clothes that I put in one bag and bibs in another.

Baby Gift Idea: "Grab & Go Baby Bags" them all in zip-lock type bags.
Each bag included an outfit, onsie, package of wipes,
and TWO diapers.

Baby Gift Idea: "Grab & Go Baby Bags"

And then put in a nice wicker basket that I got at Good Will for probably $2.

So for the new mom who has one of those mornings and has to get out the door, it can be easy to grab one of these bags to take to grandma’s house or the sitter.  Of course these are more for a short trip, and certainly not for all day somewhere.  Also, my daughter mentioned she may keep one or two of these bags in their car, for when the baby has leaked through everything, or they forget to pack things in the diaper bag.

And what a great gift this can be for a mom!  🙂

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