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Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog,
what would you like it to be?


o questions asked, it would be that lives would be saved because of the death of my son.  I started blogging shortly after his death from the choking game in December of 2004.   Some did not like me sharing how he died, but I wish I had known – had known how many kids are doing it, what the signs were and maybe, just maybe we would have noticed and could have prevented his death.  We don’t blame ourselves.  God still knew the number of his days.  And we know God may have even prevented further hurts down the road.  Yet, the choking game is a horrific way to die, a horrific way for family members or friends to find their loved one.  And, kids are doing it every day.  

My heart breaks every time I hear or read of a new death.  There was just one last month I read about, a young 13 year old boy from North Carolina.  I know the years ahead they have of heartbreak and finding a “new normal” – and all the firsts to endure this year.   The father says in the article how he learned that the choking game was popular in his son’s middle school.  Do you have kids between 10 and 16?  If so, please talk to them – today.

I am thankful that because of our son’s death, I do know kids have stopped doing the choking game.  It’s my prayer every time I write an article like this, it’s shared and more parents are brought to awareness, and talk to their kids and yet another child is stopped from doing this.  And when this happens, it’s also my prayer it gives them the time they need to find Jesus.  

For more information, please read, Games Adolescents Shouldn’t Play.  (GASP)



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  1. Lori, I would love to share on your blog as well. I read it today. I have an issues blog that I have been trying to build readership on. I have concentrated a lot of my time on this blog, but you can link to it at:

    My readership is low, but I could post on both blogs. Let me know if you would like to do a guest blog? Thanks. I would love to have you a contributing blogger. Thanks. Let me know.

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