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A Brief History of Weddings


t the end of October, we will have married off three of our children in 15 months!  It’s been an exciting time, with numerous bridal showers, rehearsals, special dinners, and of course, the weddings and receptions to follow.  I remember dreaming of my wedding, and now, am the mom who has watched a son and daughter, and next a daughter,  marrying wonderful new additions to our family.  Seeing the rest of our children unite and be excited is a thrill.  The bridal showers have been fun, yes, even the goofy games.  One of them we’ve played is learning about the traditions of various parts of the wedding, such as, why the bride stands to the left of the groom during the ceremony.  Do you know why?  Click below to enlarge this Brief History of Weddings.  It is quite interesting and might find some ideas for a wedding shower game you have to put together! 

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