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Wedding Receptions & Ballrooms in Grand Rapids, MI


ith having married off three of our children, two last summer and one the summer before,  we are often asked about things we did research on, such as the best place for wedding receptions in Grand Rapids Michigan.

pictureBeing the ages of our kids, including some of the kids I have babysat for, it seems we are attending a lot of weddings.  One that stands out the most in my mind is the beautiful reception for one of the girls I used to babysit for.  It was a very elegant sit-down dinner and the atmosphere was beautiful.  The part that stands out the most in my mind, is before dinner began, the wedding party was introduced from the above balcony and as they came down the stairs.  It was just gorgeous. I am sure the bride especially loved her special entry to begin the reception with her new husband, being introduced as Mr. and Mrs.  It really was the perfect place for a wedding reception, and one of the best ballrooms in Grand Rapids.

I have only been to that specific ballroom one time, however I know our local high schools have had proms and homecoming dances at it as well.  It would also be an ideal place for corporate events in Grand Rapids Michigan with the ability to divide up the ballroom into separate areas.

It definitely is a place to consider for special events.

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A Brief History of Weddings


t the end of October, we will have married off three of our children in 15 months!  It’s been an exciting time, with numerous bridal showers, rehearsals, special dinners, and of course, the weddings and receptions to follow.  I remember dreaming of my wedding, and now, am the mom who has watched a son and daughter, and next a daughter,  marrying wonderful new additions to our family.  Seeing the rest of our children unite and be excited is a thrill.  The bridal showers have been fun, yes, even the goofy games.  One of them we’ve played is learning about the traditions of various parts of the wedding, such as, why the bride stands to the left of the groom during the ceremony.  Do you know why?  Click below to enlarge this Brief History of Weddings.  It is quite interesting and might find some ideas for a wedding shower game you have to put together! 

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Information Article: Coupons & Great Gift Ideas


ith the major wedding planning that is going on in our home for two weddings, we are definitely looking for great deals, coupons and special savings.  We are trying to cut corners any way we can.  I constantly am searching for the best deals, fun and unique gifts and yes, maybe even some Geek Gifts for the numerous bridal showers we will be going to (besides our two daughters getting married there are six other girls in our church marrying in the next six months!).  🙂  One gift my daughter has registered for is a red stand mixer and I found this red kitchen mixer timer.  I know she would love it and it sure would be a unique gift for her that probably no one else would get her!

Another major cost we are looking at is wedding invitations and the programs to be handed out at the wedding.  We have done a lot of research on this and I know I can cut some major costs with something like this 123Print coupon code and 48HourPrint coupons.  One decision we have made is to go with postcard wedding invitations which not only cuts the cost of the invitation, but postage as well, and we think it will be something people will easily stick up on their refrigerator or bulletin board and remember.

I will continue writing more on my blog here as we find special deals and how we will have a fun, memorable, elegant, yet low cost wedding products.  Yes, I think it can be done!

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Looking to do Wedding Product Reviews

  1. You will find on my blog I do many book & product reviews.  We have twin daughters marrying this year, and I would love to incorporate reviews for items we are using on my blog.  Reviews will be very personalized along with pictures (though some pictures may not be able to be shown until after the weddings). I am looking, at this time, to review wedding products, from bridesmaid’s dresses, junior bridesmaid’s dresses & flower girl dresses along with anything that may be used in a wedding such as flowers, picture products, decorations, dress preservation, jewelry, honeymoon destinations, candles, catering,  guest books, aisle runners, invitations, programs, reception products, shoes, lace gloves, etc.  Do you sell and/or make these items?  If so, please comment on my wedding review page (which will be hidden from others to see) and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Picking Wedding Shoes!


e are doing lots of wedding shopping ~ a lot of it online.   I picked out my Mother of the Bride dress, and today we were looking at Junior Bridesmaids Dresses and Flower Girl Dresses.  But another thing to complete these outfits is shoes.  After my son’s wedding last summer, I definitely want something more comfortable and I am thrilled that my daughter has been thinking of  the same type . . . ballet flats.  For our younger girls we love these  Capezio Kids Daisy ballet type shoes.  The soft upper leathers with the suede soles along with the adorable daisy print cotton lining look so comfortable.  I can see my girls dancing around in these and looking so cute coming down the aisle as flower girls.  

My daughter really does not want any wild neon colored shoes or high heeled animal prints!  She wants pure loveliness, so even for the bridesmaids she is choosing flat ballerina type shoes.  She likes this  Sam Edelman Felicia shoe.  She’s not decided for herself yet, but I imagine something similar to this, she will also be picking.

And for me, well, I found the shoes I am absolutely in love with, these ballet flats called Vince Camuto Easter.  They have a lovely old look with vintage rhinestoned brooch on the top of the wonderful, soft Nappa leather uppers.  Even the inside lining and insole are leather!  They look so easy to slip right on yet with the elasticized top, they won’t just slip off either!  With being on my feet a lot that day, I will not have to worry about pinched toes with the comfortable rounded toe. And these would be good year round.  I just absolutely love these!  These are my top pick!

Lots of decisions, even with shoes!!  But a girl really can never have enough shoes, huh?!?!?  🙂

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Information Article: Wedding Flowers


y daughter is looking through many bridal magazines getting ideas for her spring wedding, including what flowers she wants.  We have picked up some silk flowers at a greatly discounted price because of seasonal closeouts, but she wants fresh flowers too.   We will be looking at a  flower shop soon and getting more ideas as we see arrangements that are already completed.  She is thinking for her bouquet she wants both fresh flowers and silks so she can keep her bouquet.  She will also want a smaller bouquet that she can throw at the reception and this will probably be silks.  

Of course we have all the other flowers to think of as well, not only for decorations, but for the bridesmaids, parents, grandparents, groomsmen and ushers and other important people taking a part in the wedding.  At my son’s wedding just over a month ago, his wife also handed me three beautiful, so very real-like long stem white roses, in memory of our two children in heaven and one for gaining a new daughter. I am so thankful they are silk because it will always be a special memory for me.  

Though having silk flowers can be long lasting, there’s still something special about having fresh flowers because of their brilliance and fragrance.  My daughter has been keeping track of what flowers bloom when and is especially in hopes of having both apple blossoms and Lillie’s of the Valley in her bouquet along with her bridesmaids.  We will have to either order these locally at a florist or have several friends who are flower gardeners and know their flowers well, how long they will last, how to cut them and preserve them.  

The wedding flowers are just one of our many decisions!

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Review: Name Labels, School Labels, Kids Labels


have been given this opportunity to review these name labels and was able to choose which ones I’d like, including the color and name imprinted on it.  Well, since my daughter is getting married next spring, I thought this would be a fun idea for her, especially to have her married name on it.  She can use these on some of her cooking containers for potlucks or bring to our house so she doesn’t get her new things mixed in with her moms!  I also received a cute bag tag that will be perfect for her honeymoon bag.

Not only does this company have these name labels that can really be used in a variety of ways, there’s also adorable kids labels with everything from shoe labels (shaped as a shoe) to mini stick-on labels which would work great on a pacifier.

There is also school labels and I can only imagine how much help this would be for kids keeping track of their items from shoes, to schoolbooks to lunch containers.  You can get name labels for bottles, shoes and books to clothing name labels for use on all types of fabrics.  Imagine the money saved!  What a great idea these are for back to school, which is fastly approaching.

Whether it be for the new bride and wanting to label her items, the woman who brings meals to the elderly and sick and wants to keep her kitchen items marked, or all the brand new school items that need to be labeled to keep track of, this is a great resource and easy way

Bright Star Kids gave me a complimentary set of my choice:
a Label Value Kit in the colors & choice of name imprinted,
along with a bag tag
in exchange for a my honest, unedited review here.