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In ‘Other’ Words: He IS With Us!

“He also promises to be with us when we are in trouble.
Notice how He didn’t say
that He would take troubles away.
That’s because we will encounter trouble.
We will have trials and disappointments”.
Psalm 91-He Who Dwells by Lara Velez


he above quote, the author is writing about Psalm 91:15 ~

He shall call upon Me,
and I will answer him:
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him,
and honour him.

What do you lack in this verse?  I know what I do.  So often, it’s easy to not call upon Him, not cry out to Him, not ask Him.  Sometimes things just seem hopeless, like there really is no answer or no way out.

Are there times when parenting becomes overwhelming?  The kids keep complaining and tattling?  One child calls another a name. They have one question after the next (why? why mom?  why?) and at times, it’s easy to block out all the bickering or one more question that seems so redundant.  God is not that way.  He is always listening, never turning His ear to us.  He does not get overwhelmed with our crying out to Him or asking Him to forgive us again.

And there are times we feel so lonely, when no one seems to understand.  And God says, He will be with us in trouble.  We just have to ask.  He will deliver us.

I think of “delivering” my babies in several different ways.  I’ve had hospital births – some natural; some with a spinal block and including a twin birth, one being born breach.  I’ve had a home birth with a midwife.  And, I’ve had five c-sections.  The main objective with each baby, was that they arrived safely.  Of course, I was disappointed that I had c-sections and never had VBAC’s, yet, after losing a child because of a placenta abruption, having a living baby born, no matter how, is the importance.  Not how she or he was born.

Sometimes we wonder how we are going to get out of a situation, deep despair and the pit that seems bottomless, yet God promises to be with us, and He WILL deliver us.  It does not matter how He will deliver us, but He will.

And then He will honour me?  I cannot wrap my mind around that!  I look forward to honouring Him, to praising Him and being with Him forever.  Yet, He will reward us.  WOW!  

Today’s In ‘Other’ Words is hosted by Twinkle Mom on her blog, SunflowerFaith. A special thank you to her for hosting this past month, featuring Psalm 91. 



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