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Holiday Expo Giveaway – Personalized Mother’s Bracelet

(Entries for this drawing are now closed.  Thank you to all who joined.  Please read my post above for the winner announcement and for a special for only those that have entered.  THANKS AGAIN!  This was fun!)

I am joining along with Christian Women Online at Café Holiday Expo with each participant giving something away on our blogs.  I am giving away a personalized Mother’s Bracelet (or memory  bracelet, anniversary bracelet, etc.) from Bracelet Stories.  Pictured below is one of my most recent bracelets I made for a mom of three children, but you can see over 100 different bracelets I’ve made.


The winner of a bracelet will have the option of up to five (or less) Swarovski birthstone crystals and the choice of silver, gold or a mixture of silver/gold tones and the choice of a toggle or lobster closure.  OR you can also choose the little feet charm (silver or gold) and two birthstones instead of  the 5 birthstones. I’ll need your wrist size in centimeters or inches to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Bracelet Stories began as a memory item for moms who had lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death.  The little feet (pictured below in logo) are the size of a baby’s feet 10 weeks after conception. Bracelet Stories has grown to making bracelets to tell women’s stories of their life, be it remembering a special friend, showing off their family, bringing awareness to a special cause (such as breast cancer) or given as a gift for graduations, bridal showers or whatever the story may be.

I recently had another bracelet drawing, and Carol won a bracelet and shares her story and a picture of her bracelet on her blog.

Here’s how to enter – and you can actually qualify for three entries.

1.  The simple way – just leave a comment  in this post only of what you’d want your story to represent in a bracelet.  Anyone can do this – whether you have a blog or not!  Be sure to leave your e-mail address as well.

2.  For another entry (must still do #1), copy & paste the logo/info below to put on YOUR blog and/or Facebook and leave the link in this post only with a link to your blog/Facebook.  (If you leave a post on both your blog AND Facebook, this will count as TWO entries.) If you are the winner, I would greatly appreciate you sharing a picture of your bracelet and “your story” on your blog after you received it.

Submissions for this will end promptly  Thursday, December 11, 2008 @ 11:59 p.m. and  the winner announced both here and at the Internet Cafe on Friday, December 12th. (I will be using the Truly Random Number Generator by numbering each entry).


I have entered to win a personalized Mother’s Bracelet from Bracelet Stories.  You can enter too by going to Writing Canvas for details & entering  by 12/11/08!


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38 thoughts on “Holiday Expo Giveaway – Personalized Mother’s Bracelet

  1. The bracelets are beautiful, and what a neat, wonderful concept! I’d love to tell the story of my immediate family in some way – they are such a blessing, and we’ve been through SO much. Thanks for entering my giveaway, and pointing me to yours. (

    ENTRY #4

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering my contest.
    I love your bracelets they are absolutely wonderful. Please enter me in your contest.

    ENTRY #6

  3. Thank you for stopping by my website! I would like to enter your give away. If I could pick what goes on a bracelet, it would definately be the birthstones of my husband and children. They are the dearest things to me!

    ENTRY #9

  4. These bracelets are simply beautiful and such a wonderful way to tell a story. I would love one to tell my mommy story as a mother to 4 wonderful blessings. Count me in! Also, thank you for visiting my site and entering my contest!

    ENTRY #10

  5. What a lovely way to create a piece of jewelry. I would include the birthstones of our family of five for they are the ones God has chosen to bless me with.

    ENTRY #13

  6. I so admire your bracelets.. I would tell our family story, including the life of our dear Seth who went to Heaven at 6 1/2 months old (not quite 2 months ago, in October).. Thank you for sharing.

    ENTRY #14

  7. These are beautiful! I would love one representing my 6 blessings(3 have the same birth month and 2 of them the same day so they could double up!).

    ENTRY #15

  8. How special! I would love to have one to give to my Mother with a birthstone for myself and each of my 4 siblings.

    ENTRY #17

  9. What a wonderful ministry and blessing to many! I think of so many that we know that have little ones in heaven waiting for them and I my heart hurts for them. God blessed with with 3 wonderful (sometimes ornery) children that shouldn’t be and the last we almost lost to a heart condition. Thank you for visiting my blog and entering in the book giveaway! I’m going to add the button to my blog.

    ENTRY #18
    ENTRY #19

  10. Oh Loni! My story would respresent the journey from broken captivity to freedom. I was broken by rape, domestic abuse and divorce, and even the death of my child… But interwoven through it all is God’s amazing love and redemption and glory all the way.

    ENTRY #21

  11. Hi Loni! Thanks for visiting my site earlier. I love the look of your blog. If I win, I would like one that I can use to tell the Salvation story (I’ll explain later if you’re not sure).

    ENTRY #22

  12. Your bracelets are beautiful and the idea is priceless. If I had one of these, I would choose to honor my two children along with their half-brother and two half-sisters – who are adults and don’t know us well at all. We are family nonetheless and this would be a wonderful reminder.

    ENTRY #23

  13. Your bracelets are lovely. You are such an inspiration to many and I love to read your blog. May God hold you closely in the days to come. My prayer are with you all the way from South Carolina, which by the way is very cold right now. Love, Kathy

    ENTRY #24

  14. I’ve often thought of how I would use a bracelet like yours to tell the story of adoption, both God’s adoption of us and my own adoption of two beautiful children. I have two home grown children and two special delivery. I’m not sure what that would look like in a bracelet but it sure is beautiful in real life!

    ENTRY #25

  15. Hi, Loni! Thanks so much for stopping by my blogs! 🙂 I appreciate the kind words. 🙂
    If I won your giveaway, I’d actually like you to make it for a dear friend of mine who took care of and lost her only son to muscular dystrophy. She’s still trying to sell his house so she can get back on her feet – and I’d like her to have a Christmas gift that not only says that I care about her, but also helps her deal with her loss.

    ENTRY #26

  16. You are very talented. I love your purpose/mission of creating bracelets. Carol is a very dear friend of mine and her bracelet is gorgeous and with such special meaning.

    I would be honored to win one of your bracelets. However, I would have to think very hard (and take your suggestions) of what kind of bracelet. I am not a mother. My birthstone is amethyst but my favorite colors are blues.

    Thanks for being so gracious with your time and talent.
    Sweet blessings,

    ENTRY #27

  17. Beautiful bracelet, would I tell the story of my children or my grandchildren or pass it to my mom and let her choose her story.


    ENTRY #28

  18. I didn’t make it through the post without tearing up. sheesh. I have 5 kids with me and 2 with Jesus that I lost at 16 & 20 weeks. I’ll be adding the link to both of my blogs–these bracelets are wonderful.

    ENTRY #30

  19. I love this! I was thinking of what I would want my bracelet to tell… and I have no idea how you would do it, but the “theme” of my second pregnancy was that God had not forgotten me or my second son. This was the theme because my husband left us during our second pregnancy (good news is God has since reunited us 🙂 and the Lord really promised me that He had inscribed me and my sons on His hands and would not forget us (Isaiah 49:15-16).

    Anyway, that’s what I would want my “story” to be. Now I’m off to post about this on my blog and facebook.

    thanks so much for doing this!

    ENTRY #33

  20. I would love to gift this to my mother. I would put both my birthstone and my sister’s. I think My mother would love to have this. Thanks for the giveaway.

    ENTRY #36

  21. We are a blended family and so I would like something that signifies a family in God’s love and of His choosing.

    Great giveaway, Loni!

    ENTRY #40

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