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Sunday Times Choking Game Article


he Sunday Times has an excellent article titled, Deadly ’choking game’ sweeping primary schools.  The author did not believe this choking game was really a problem, until her younger brother told her about kids doing this during school breaks, acting like a bunch of drunks.  She then heard it discussed on a radio program and became alarmed. 

When American preteens were asked about this game, both girls and boys responded with shocking comments such as: "We play it every evening"; "It’s harmless’; "It’s fun"; "I’ve been doing it for two years now"; and "It’s a safe way to get a high."

The writer, who lives in Africa, believes it is something taking place there, but acknowledges it being a big problem in America.  Please read the entire article.  It would be worth printing out, and sharing with your kids, teachers, principals, and your friends.  It may save a life.  Maybe your child’s or your child’s best friend.  The writer’s article ends:

Mainly "normal" children are prone to this game. Children with friends; not rebellious, with a healthy curiosity. The game is mainly introduced to kids at parties and sleepovers. At first played in groups then it becomes addictive and kids will play it in smaller and smaller groups and the real danger is when they try it on their own.

So, to all the parents who think their children are not at risk please speak to your children about this game and ask them if they are playing it. Just as this Christian girl from America was affected and eventually died because of this game, it can affect any child, and I mean any child. I pray that it won’t be yours.

It’s my prayer also.



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2 thoughts on “Sunday Times Choking Game Article

  1. Loni, thanks for posting this. I still haven’t heard of this happening where I live, but I’ve sent the link to this article to my hubby and kids (they are still asleep right now!). We’ve discussed this with the kids before, but you’ve helped me to realize how serious this is and we are going to have an even bigger discussion about it once everyone has read the article.

    Thanks for sharing everything that you do! Happy Thanksgiving! *** Sherry

  2. My older daughter is in 5th grade and when we had the “D.A.R.E.” (Drug Alcohol Resistance Education) parents meeting a month ago, I asked the Officer in charge of our schools’ program if he had talked about this with our children. He not only said yes, but they talk about it several times over the course of the program, and he was very specific with our students about what occurs, how it can damage and/or kill the participants. I know it is everywhere, and I believe very strongly in awareness of an issue helping to discourage the actual event. Hopefully if we continue to do what we can in our own communities to make people aware of the signs and dangers, we can begin to combat this very secret problem.

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