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Five Minute Friday: Laundry


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aundry  is pretty much never ending in our home with now six kids at home. I can just think I am caught up and my husband comes in from the garage with black oil all over his jeans and black smudges on the back of his shirt from being on the floor under a lawn tractor fixing it.  I can have laundry hung outside and later go get the sheets in to find a long drip of poop down the sheet from some bird that flew overhead and just had to do it’s business, right there.  Arg!!!  laundryAnd I can have clothes sorted out for the kids, put on their beds to put away, and one of them brings something back that still shows a stain, so back in the dirty laundry basket it goes. Laundry is kind of like our lives.  We can work hard at getting the stains out (sins) and keep asking God to forgive and wash us clean, but then, certain struggles come back.  And just like my kids sometimes do when they clean their room, they kick laundry under their beds or shove it in a drawer so it cannot be noticed.  But it’s there, and sometimes, the stench of it is noticeable and I go digging for the dirty socks I know that must be somewhere in that room. It’s easy to hide things, even in our Christian lives.  I know I am guilty of it many times.  One minute I am arguing with my husband, and the next minute a friend calls and I tell her I am fine and my tone of voice and words are much more pleasant then five minutes previously. Sometimes we just let the laundry build up and build up, try to cover it up, almost pretending it’s not there, or dig a few things to clean out, but those real hard stains, we will figure out later . . . and they set in more.  Kinda like things we do not work out in our lives,  and each time it hits us again, it’s worse, it stinks more, and seems like a stain that will never get out of our lives.

“I, the Lord, am the one speaking to you. Come, let’s discuss this. Even if your sins are as dark as red dye, that stain can be removed and you will be as pure as wool that is as white as snow.” Isaiah 1:18

What hope we have, over and over again, God is willing to do our laundry and someday we will not struggle with those stains that come back to show us our weaknesses. 

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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Laundry

  1. Good morning Loni from Athens, Greece. Just stopping by from FMF! Wonderful encouraging post. Truly what great hope we have in Him. May you have a wonderful and blessed day!!! Natasha

  2. Dear Loni
    I have used this verse from Isaiah as well today with FMF. Never mind the dirty socks under the bed. I once found my son’s lunch box after a six week vacation. I can assure you, that was a sight for sore eyes. And the smell and fungus making the lunch box their home were VERY bad.
    Blessings XX

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