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One Word for 2012: NEW

What is one word God is putting on your heart for 2011?


did not have to think of the word long.  I really believe God is trying to show me NEW things in my life, spiritually and around me, and no, it does not mean a new piece of furniture I’d like, but how He is making all things new.  A few days ago I wrote on our pastor’s sermon and listed for Multitude Monday the “new” things in my life I am thankful for, and many of these “new” things are transformations that are occurring.

In this new year, we will be adding at least one new son-in-law to our family.  It’s our first daughter to marry, and we are gradually buying things for their wedding . . . some new things, some old things, but things as they start their new lives together.  I am excited!  The invitations were just ordered!  It’s becoming more official!

Tonight we watched the video of our twin’s birth and when we first brought them to grandparents and then home.  It’s hard to believe that was over twenty years ago, and one is marrying ~ the other in a very serious relationship.  But, this is what we hoped and prayed for.  We wanted them to grow into godly women, and find godly husbands to begin their new lives together.

Sometimes it’s easy stay in the old pains of the past.  It took us at least three years to get out of the darkness of our son’s death.  Oh, we still miss him terribly and tears stung my eyes tonight as I saw his sweet tender face welcoming his baby sister’s on the old home video.  But there’s a sweet newness that God is creating.  I see new joys, our family growing, Scripture verses renewing my heart and wanting to be made new . . .  more like Him.  There’s great anticipations for this new year. His promises are true . . . joy does come in the morning, (though the night may be long) and He makes all things new!



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2 thoughts on “One Word for 2012: NEW

  1. I love your word for this year! He does make ALL things new! And I am excited to hear your daughter is getting married. My daughter got engaged just before Christmas and will be getting married in June. We are so thrilled!

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