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In ‘Other’ Words: Finding Eucharisteo

“Non-eucharisteo, ingratitude,
was the fall–humanity’s discontent with all that God freely gives.
That is what has scraped me raw: ungratefulness.”
One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
by Ann Voscamp


he word,  eucharisteo was not in my vocabulary until I read it on Ann’s blog, A Holy Experience and then again in her book, One Thousand Gifts.  She defines this Greek word simply as, grace, thanksgiving, joy and encourages her readers through her blog and book, to count their gifts, to look for them in every corner of our lives.  Right after she states the above quote in her book, she continues,

Then to find Eden, the abundance of Paradise, I’d need to forsake my non-eucharisteo, my bruised and bloodied ungrateful life, and grab hold to eucharisteo, a lifestyle of thanksgiving.  Might a life of eucharisteo really work the miracle of the God- communion?  

Michelle with her MIL, Linda

And so it’s looking throughout the day for the things, even in the midst of pain, that we we are thankful for.  I think of a gal I know named Michelle, who was the photographer for our son & daughter’s wedding,  who just lost her mom-in-law very unexpectedly in a car/deer accident.  She said on her Facebook, “she was more than my friend“.   Michelle is already showing gratefulness in the pain.  She probably did not think when she wrote that how many women desire such a relationship with a mom or mother-in-law. She did not take it for granted.  Throughout her Facebook posts, there’s deep pain, but she finds the joys in the sorrows, from a rainbow that someone took a picture of, which was the same one her mom had just seen before the accident, to praising God for the amazing Father He is, to inviting  family to share their food “we have plenty from loving people.”  

I know that unexpected, shocking, riveting, pain, along with the fog and finding a new normal towards healing as I see Michelle go through this. She will get through this grief walk, many times at a seemingly slow pace for her, though never getting over her mom, and still praising God through the tears.  She will come through it amazingly, shining for God in a new and radiant way that will show other’s Jesus.  Michelle and others through this will find and continue proclaiming eucharisteo.

Today Tami is hosting In ‘Other’ Words on her blog, The Next Step.  Join in and see how others are writing on this quote.  New quote will be here on my blog Friday or Saturday for next weeks’ new quote.  Join us!



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