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What books do you enjoy reading for soul rest?


f you have not noticed, I have a love for books. I always have.  When I was young, it was easy to get lost in books.  I remember when my Pastor’s wife introduced me to the The Chronicles of Narnia books.  Each week she’d bring me a new book, and I’d give her back the book I just read.  Of course, I loved the The Little House on the Prairie books.  Probably though, my favorite book growing up was, Heidi.  No wonder I named one of my daughters Heidi!

So the question is, “What books do you enjoy reading for soul rest?”  Of course, the Bible is number one.  I’m continually amazed that even though, growing up hearing and reading the Bible, how much I still don’t know and how God’s word stirs my heart and yes, indeed, gives my soul and mind rest.  I just got a new ESV Reference Bible at the beginning of this year, that I absolutely love.  It does not have a “lot” of notes in it – more references and short notes at the beginning of each book, but what I like the most about it is the one column layout and the wide side columns for writing notes.  I put little notes by verses, many times dating.

When I was growing up, I loved fiction books, but that has changed over time, and now for the most part I read factual Christian books, mainly geared for women, true stories especially of Christians and devotional books.  If you’ve read much on my blog here, you will see I write book reviews.  I am often in awe when I am asked to review at just the right season of my life for what I am going through.  Right now I am reading Lazarus Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Heart of God.  I will be sharing a review on my blog soon, but it’s been such a neat, healing and encouraging book for me, which is filled with Scripture and I’ve used as a devotional along side my Bible.  I also just read finished reading Gray Matter: A Neurosurgeon Discovers the Power of Prayer . . . One Patient at a Timewhich really touched me since we deal so much with doctors.  (If you have Christian doctors in your life, this would make an excellent gift for them).

I usually am reading several books at one time – one more of a devotional book, another “women’s” Christian book, and then possibly a “fluff” book – more of a fiction, easy reading book that I don’t have to think too much through!  I might have one of these left in the car to read while riding somewhere and/or take in for doctor long doctor appointment waits.  I am very thankful for the books (and authors) that have been brought into my life – yes even to escape reality temporarily, and for healing and rest of the soul.




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2 thoughts on “What books do you enjoy reading for soul rest?

  1. I’m also reading Lazarus Awakening and just started a great novel about the life of Job called Love Amid the Ashes. I love the Narnia books. In fact, they meant even more to me in recent years than when I was a child. There are tons of others I could mention, including a few life-changing books by Randy Alcorn: Heaven and Safely Home.

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