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Product Review: coverPlug


plugsur home has been going through baby proofing for safety for . . . well . . . the past 21 years!  Each child seems to have different interests in various things.  Our youngest baby, now almost two has been our baby we’ve had the least problem with stairs.  He learned very quickly how to go up and down.  Others, we’ve had to keep the stairs gated for several years.  But ALL of our children have had an interest in electrical plugs.  There’s those little holes – what’s a child to do with it? Stick something in it!  We have gotten the small safety caps through the years, but those are fascinating to a little one as well.  Pull them out – push them back in – pull them out – push them back in.  Then . . . try something else to poke into it! 

plugs21I was given this coverPlug to try out and review.  I’ve had it plugged in for well over a week now, near an area our baby plays, and he has not tried at all to pull it out.  These are paintable and can easily blend right into your wall colors.  I’ve not had the chance to paint it yet, and still, he has not tried to pull it out.  I am impressed!  


THE PROS:  These  coverPlugs are very simple to use.  The durable molded panel has two posts on the back that align with the ground openings of a double outlet.  Just push it in!  Then, it can be left as is, or paint them! It could not be much easier.  

THE CONS:  Well, with anything you have to pay for it.  These run $3.50 to $5.00 a piece, depending where you buy them and how many you buy at one time, making them more pricey than the little caps.  The only other thing is you can only use these in double outlet plugs that you are not using.  So, if you take it off, and are using one plug – the other outlet is exposed or you have to use one of the little plastic caps for the other.  I can see using both these coverPlugs and the little plastic caps.

plug3FINAL THOUGHTS: As a mom who has raised eleven children (with the youngest not quite two), and have dealt with little ones’ curiosity with outlets, this is definitely something I would buy and I do and will recommend them.  I believe safety is worth the price.



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