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Limousine Memories


‘ve only had a limousine ride two times and both are very special memories.

Scan0003One was when our daughter’s Make-A-Wish was granted and two limousines came to our home to pick up our whole family and took us to the airport and then after our wonderful time the two limos brought us home again.  The kids had a wonderful time and waved to people  along the highway, making believe they were famous people!  The limousine ride was our beginning to a very special memory making time that will last our family a lifetime.


The second time for a limousine ride was when my husband and I won a trip to San Francisco and I was able to meet up with my dear childhood friend since the third grade.  We had walked all around the area with our husbands and had gotten quite a ways from our hotel and were too tired to walk all the way back, especially since most of it would have been uphill.  We were trying to wave down a taxi and a limo pulled over by us and offered us a ride at a very reasonable rate.  The San Francisco limousine driver was very friendly so we went for it!  It was so much fun and such a good memory for us!  Cindy and I had the giggles, that of course, it would be us, doing something like this.

If we ever go to California I’d certainly want to do it again with a limousine rental service San JoseSan Francisco or any part of the Bay Area.

Do you have any special limousine ride memories?
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