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Daily Prompt: Nightmares or Daymares?

Daily Prompt: Nightmares

Describe the last nightmare you remember having.


hankfully, I do not have nightmares often.   Actually, I cannot remember the last time I had a nightmare.  I used to have horrible ones when I was in college to the point of not even wanting to sleep.  I’d fear going to sleep . . .  I felt more tired after sleeping because my nightmares would wear me out terribly.  My roommates would often wake me up from screaming.  

Though I do not have nightmares, I can have “daymares”.  I can get myself in such a tizzy worrying about something.  Such as when the kids come home late or I cannot get a hold of my husband who forgot to turn on his phone.  I can be sitting on the couch looking out the window for them to return, and be picturing the police coming up the driveway and being told of a fatal accident.  I can get sucked into such fear that I can barely breath by the time the one I am waiting on gets home (yes . . . those anxiety attacks so many responded to before).   It’s remembering to 

From now on, brothers and sisters, if anything is excellent and if anything is admirable, focus your thoughts on these things: all that is true, all that is holy, all that is just, all that is pure, all that is lovely, and all that is worthy of praise.

Indeed we could go through the loss of another child, or have a serious life-changing injury.  But I do know deep down, that if God could get us through what we have already, He can again – He won’t leave me the next time.  He won’t tell me, “I showed you before how to get through it, this time you are on your own.”  And He keeps whispering to me to not get myself in those modes of the fear wandering in my mind.  It helps me to turn on the radio LOUD and let the music take over in my mind of truth through praise songs.  I love this verse too . . . letting God take captive my thoughts – thinking upon Him – and letting Him destroy my fears.

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh,  for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. We ardestroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ… Phil. 4:8

It’s definitely a work in progress, and I’m thankful God is not finished with me yet!

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Daily Prompt: [My Life] Far From Normal

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal
Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might


hey come into the local pizza restaurant and are led to a table while several of the younger children quietly bicker about who they want to sit by.  The group of 15 sit down and look through the menu, some of the older children that look like couples whispering and looking at each other sweetly.  It’s hard to figure out the relationships, though many of the children look a like. The oldest couple, which must be the parents to some of them,  talk to the younger children asking what they want. The mom holds coupons for pizza and writes down on one of them the children’s preferences.

As I observe them I look around the restaurant and notice I am not the only one.  There’s some snickering while an older couple gets lost in remembering their family memories that too quickly passed by.  Another couple get up to leave and stop by to greet the group and then the mom introduces the children.  Ten of the children are theirs – no blended family.  The youngest child and oldest child are twenty years apart in age.  Three of the children are married adding in the three additional children.

“They’re all ours,” the mom says proudly, “with our first grandbaby due in the fall,” she continues on, beaming.

A child about 10 years old interrupts and says, “and we have two in heaven, a big brother and a baby sister.”  The mom nods in agreement.  

Though one of the middle aged boys grabs for the last breadstick as another child did as well, and a glass of water spills, the children stay quiet and respectful.  There’s laughter and joy . . . and teasing.  The dad bows and prays while the family joins hands in a circle.  The pizza is quickly eaten up and I even notice several of the older boys handing their dad money to help pay for the bill.

I wonder how many families are missing this kind of relationship and bonding.  It’s very unusual to see.  I am a bit jealous.

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Daily Prompt: THE DOOR

Daily Prompt:  THE DOOR
Somewhere in your post, include the sentence,
“I heard the car door slam,

and immediately looked at the clock.”


t was well after midnight and I was waiting for my 19 year old son to get home.   The one thing I’ve told all my kids as they start going out on their own, as long as they live here, I will wait until they are home.  They try to tell me to just go to bed, but I don’t sleep well until I know they are home, safe and sound.  It was another night like it.  I was starting to doze off on the couch, and I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. It was almost 1:30 am and I was rather irritated that he came in so late, with no texting me or letting me know.   I was ready to give him a piece of my mind!

rose babys breathRather than trying to sneak off to his bedroom, he came up to me at the couch with one arm behind his back and then brought out one single red rose with baby’s breath and handed it to me, along with a smirky grin.  How was I suppose to scold him now?!?!?!  “Happy Valentine’s Day, mom!”  Yes, it melted my heart. 

I wrote about this later on Facebook.  One of my married daughters wrote, “Ha Ha . . .  smooth!!”  I wonder if I will get more flowers anytime soon? 

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Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Tell about something you know you should do . . .
but don’t.


h dear!  I sit here, by kids who are doing school work, and see dust bunnies in a corner of the ceiling that accumulates especially during the winter with burning wood in our home.  I have procrastinated with cleaning my bedroom, because we had a broken vacuum.  There’s drawers that need to be cleaned out and taxes that need to be finished up.  But there’s books that call out to me to read and things to sew for my new grandbaby who is not due for 7 more months!  I’ve got two quilts I want to make for two of my girls’ birthdays in the spring.  And these seem more important than cleaning a bedroom or organizing a drawer or even finishing up taxes.

But even the crafty things can be overruled.  It’s evening and the kids want to watch a movie and one or two snuggle close by or on me, and there goes the plans of the crafts or cleaning or organizing.  But I can knit while watching a movie, so at least I can do two or three things at one time – snuggle, watch a movie and knit!  

Isn’t that using time well?!?!?!  I used to even add in nursing a baby to this!  But certainly cannot run 10 miles while knitting a sweater!!

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Daily Prompt: Whoa! (Remembering a Special Friend)

Daily Prompt: Whoa!
What’s the most surreal experience
you’ve ever had?


here is a very special family in my life, and the main person of this family waits for us in heaven.     I lived with this family for a year before my husband and I were married.  Nancy & John were the parents and Nancy was like a big sister to me.  When I lived with them, they had three young children – which are all grown now, two married, both with children.  Nancy and I connected very well.  We had a lot in common, especially with our personalities and childhoods.  Nancy had breast cancer and was discovered in the fall of 1993.  She told me shortly after our son was born and it was a heartbreaking time.  She made it through chemo and reconstructive surgery.  She was a fighter with lots of spunk.  She was told though, that if the cancer came back within ten years, it would come back with a vengeance.  Nine years later, it came back.  But Nancy did not tell me.  

She had called the day before to tell me that her and her husband were coming by to see me.  She sounded good.  She had not seen our youngest baby.  That night I dreamt that the cancer came back.  I woke up abruptly, and knew in my heart, that God had whispered to me, to be prepared.  I waited anxiously for her to show up, and I barely let her in the door, and asked her.  I think they were both shocked I knew.  They had not even told their kids yet.  It was definitely a whoa moment.   Later that day as we sat talking we had found out we both had been researching on Messianic Christianity.  She only lived about six months after this.  I was with her just a couple of days before she was ushered into heaven.  One of her daughters and I are good friends now.  I had promised Nancy I’d be specifically checking up on her.  About 9 months after her mom died, Kristi delivered twins, however one was stillborn.  The babies were born on the exact date, as our daughter was stillborn, just years before.  Nancy was with me in the operating room – saw our daughter – helped me make phone calls.

It’s been amazing how our lives have been intertwined through the years . . . and other special whoa moments as well . . . God’s whisperings of being in control – putting others in our lives that love on us and understand.  I’ve been blessed to have this family a part of my life.  And, I can’t wait to see Nancy again.  What a reunion that will be!  And I know we will have many more whoa moments together!

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