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Information Article: Meet Dr. Tara Andresen, ND


hough I am very thankful for the various medical doctors in our lives that have not only saved my life but also my daughter’s life with life saving surgeries, I am also one to research a more natural way for various aliments.   Naturopathic physicians are trained to work with nature to restore people’s health in a more natural, non-medical way.  One such physician I have been reading about is naturopath Toronto, named Dr. Tara Andresen.  

In reading about her, I like the fact that she spends time with her clients which includes an in-depth assessment, a physical and various lab tests and after this, puts together an individualized plan outlining the natural treatment options for the specific person’s health goals and concerns. If she feels she cannot help you, she will tell you, rather than spending a lot of time and money that will get you no where. This Naturopathic physician will put in writing the expected treatment timeline and what she requires and expects of you before treatment even begins.

Personally, for building up a healthy body, knowing how to defeat colds and other minor illnesses, a Naturopathic physician is one of the first places I’d like to start with.  

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