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Book Review: At the Feet of Jesus by Joanna Weaver


have read and both enjoyed and been encouraged by Joanna Weaver’s books,  so when I was given the opportunity to read and review  At the Feet of Jesus: Daily Devotions to Nurture a Mary Heart I was thrilled and I am not at all disappointed!  

This is a devotional book for a full year.  Each day includes the author’s devotional on a topic that affects many women and many of them are excerpts from her books, and at the end of each devotional is a reference to Scripture to read and a short sentence afterwards on a thought to “reflect” on.  Throughout the book there’s are pages called “Going Deeper” which encourages for more intimate time with God and how to do so.  At the Feet of Jesus is a great book to pick up each day and just be encouraged where we are at.  I have always liked Joanna Weaver’s  realness as she relates to everyday, stretching, and growing women who have pains and deal with life in general.  This book is no exception.  Even if you have read her other books, I found reading through some of the devotionals it being reminder of things that pricked my heart previously and know God wants me to remember!

I really like this At the Feet of Jesus and think it would be a great Christmas or Birthday gift to give to a special friend, daughter and/or mom.  It’s definitely a book I will be continuing to read!

I received a copy of At the Feet of Jesus at no cost for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own and were not otherwise compensated. The information below was provided by Litfuse Publicity to share with my review.

About At the Feet of Jesus  – You were made for more than serving God; you were made to “know” Him. 

Intimacy with God–to know Him and be known by Him. It is what our hearts desperately need, but somehow life conspires to keep us busy and distracted.

For anyone who struggles when it comes to daily devotions, “At the Feet of Jesus” extends an irresistible invitation to set aside your duties and find the amazing peace and incredible joy that come from time alone with Him. Drawn from Joanna Weaver’s beloved Bethany trilogy, each reading in this 365-day devotional includes a Bible reading passage and reflection question. All-new material and “Going Deeper” sidebars are also woven throughout.

Discover for yourself the riches that come from spending a portion of each day alone with God. At the feet of Jesus–where true life begins

Includes a unique One-Year Bible Reading Guide.

About Joanna Weaver – With more than one million books in print, Joanna Weaver is the best-selling author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, Having a Mary Spirit, Lazarus Awakening, and the award-winning gift book With This Ring. Her books have been translated into several languages around the world. 

Weaver’s articles have appeared in such publications as Focus on the Family, Guideposts, and In Touch. She has also appeared on a number of national TV and radio broadcasts such as The Harvest Show, Midday Connection, HomeWord and others.

She is also a highly sought-after speaker and shares her message at intimate gatherings and several high-profile events each year.

As much as she loves writing and speaking, her greatest joy is found in being a pastor’s wife and a mother. The parents of three, Joanna and her pastor husband, John, live in Montana.

Learn more about Joanna Weaver and her books at Readers can also keep up with her via Facebook and Twitter.

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Book Review: Lazarus Awakening by Joanna Weaver

A complimentary copy of Lazarus Awakening was provided by Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for sharing  my honest thoughts & opinions and the provided information (below my review) for the blog tour of this book.


Oh that we all might have vision
to see beyond the misery of what is
to the miracle of what we can become.
But that kind of foresight comes only through surrender.
Through laying down our wants and wishes
so we might live for God’s alone.

Joanna Weaver
Lazarus Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Heart of God


his is absolutely in my top five reads for this year. I did not read Lazarus Awakening quickly, but used it along side my Bible for Bible study time.  I don’t know where to even begin how much this book encouraged and blessed me!  This is perfect to read alone or would also be great in a group ladies Bible study.

The author, Joanna Weaver, writes of the deep love Jesus had for Lazarus, and applies it to our lives.   One of her chapters she titles “Unwinding the Graveclothes“.   Imagine, a dead person coming out of a grave after four days- no embalming as done now – the horrid smell!  And then Jesus tells them to “Loose him, and let him go”.  Who got that job?  Again, imagine the cloth on rotting flesh.  I know I would have been gagging – or much worse.  But someone had to do it.  Many times we are called to unwrap graveclothes – doing things we so don’t want to do – maybe loving the unloved.  Mrs. Weaver goes on to write how we many times add to the graveclothes or make them tighter:

“We bind people through our attitudes toward them.  We bind them when we hold onto their faults instead of lifting up and encouraging their attempts to change.  We find people when we don’t forgive them.  We bind them when we gossip to others about their faults.  Whenever we treat people out of our smallness instead of the Lord’s abundance; we keep them bound.”

And then she writes several things when we unbind others, including forgiving, smiling and welcoming them and:

“We free them the most when we seek them in their tombs, and ‘snorting at death,’ we command them in the name of Christ to come into new life.”

There’s so much more I could share about this book. I so highly recommend it.

About the book: Lazarus Awakening
Getting God’s Love from Our Heads to Our Hearts

You believe that God loves the world…but sometimes you wonder if He truly loves you.

For many of us, moving the truth of God’s love from our heads to our hearts is a lifelong process. As we consider our inadequacies or grieve our shattered dreams, we find it difficult to believe that God cares for us personally.

In this life-giving book, Joanna Weaver shows you how to embrace the truth that Jesus loves you apart from anything you accomplish, apart from anything you bring. Just as He called Lazarus forth to new life, Jesus wants to free you to live fully in the light of His love, unbound from the graveclothes of fear, regret, and self-condemnation.

Love is calling your name.

Combining unforgettable real-life illustrations with unexpected biblical insights, Joanna Weaver invites you to experience a spiritual resurrection that will forever change your understanding of what it means to be the one Jesus loves. Bible study and Leader’s Guide available here.

About Joanna: Joanna Weaver is known the world over for her transparent and life-changing books, Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World and Having a Mary Spirit. These two books have sold over a million copies and have been translated into several languages including Spanish, French, Dutch, Chinese, German, Korean and more. Joanna has appeared on a wide variety of nationally syndicated radio and television broadcasts. Past appearances include: The Harvest Show, At Home Live With Chuck & Jenni, Midday Connection, HomeWord, and Janet Parschall’s America. She is also a highly sought after speaker and shares her message at intimate gatherings and several high profile events each year. But Joanna’s greatest joy is found in being a wife and mother and her role as a pastor’s wife. For more information about Joanna, please visit her website.

About the giveaway: Joanna is celebrating the release of Lazarus Awakening with the Heart of God KINDLE Giveaway! In Lazarus Awakening Joanna writes about getting God’s love from our heads to our hearts. We all know Jesus loved Mary – look how she worshiped. And we can understand why He loved Martha – after all, look how she served. But what about those of us who don’t know where we fit in the heart of God? Lazarus Awakening explores the tale of the third follower – Mary and Martha’s brother, Lazarus. We never hear him speak, we never see him serve. The only thing of any significance that Lazarus did was to die. And yet, the Bible is clear. Jesus loved Lazarus. And He loves you and me as well. Lazarus Awakening looks at different aspects of the story we find in John 11. We learn what it means to be a friend of God and begin recognizing the tombs we spend far too much time in. Find out more here.

One grand prize winner will receive:

  • * A Brand New KINDLE with Wi-Fi
  • Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World
  • Having A Mary Spirit
  • Lazarus Awakening

Joanna will also select two additional contest entrants to receive copies of her trilogy. Enter soon by clicking the icons below (you’ll find these in the attached html code document) and then tell your friends. Hurry the contest ends April 16th. The winner will be announced on Joanna’s blog on April 18th.

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In Other Words: What’s Knocking at Your Door?


his quote made my heart leap.  I know without a doubt, that Satan is seeking to destroy . . . families, our children, marriages, work relationships, friendships, churches, etc.  Really, where is he not at work?

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”
I Peter 5:8

I’ve seen it in my family.  Satan knows where my weaknesses are . . . fear is big and can cripple me, having me think of all the worst things that might happen.  It pushes me to be in control . . . because I felt like I especially lost control five years ago when my son died.  That is when Satan pushed my son over his fault line.  He liked high thrill excitement.  He thought he found it in the choking game.  It took his life.

The last part of the quote above talks about exposing and confronting the cracks in our character.   It’s why accountability is so important.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.” Colossians 3:16

I am thankful God is so much more powerful than the sin and Satan who is seeking and destroying.  HE knows how to seal the cracks and beautify my character.  God has released my husband and I from asking where we went wrong with the loss of our son.  Possibly we could have done something different, but that time is gone. We have 10 children at home we still have a great responsibility for, and we continue sharing about how our son died to bring awareness.  We are much more alert of what’s on TV, in movies, and what they can see on the internet.  We ask questions . . . LOTS of questions, about their friends (another reason I use Facebook – I’ve learned a lot about my kid’s friends!). There’s big time accountability in many different aspects of their lives.  And it’s not just with my children.  We are working on it in our marriage.  We know Satan wants to destroy our marriage.  Saturday will mark our 25th anniversary.  With tears I can say, by God’s grace we made it . . . and it’s still work.  It’s work on communicating, forgiving, loving, not expecting changes in others, but asking God where “I” need to change.  And there’s accountability in our communication.  We ask each other questions . . . we share where things concern us.  We try to be on a guard for each other, done in a gentle way (well, most of the time!)

I’m learning more and more how my relationship with God is about me and Him.  I cannot be dependent on my husband, pastors, church, or friends to fulfill this.  God speaks in that still small voice specifically to me when I listen and read His Word.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”
Psalm 139:23-24

Today’s In Other Words is being hosted by Deborah on her blog, Chocolate And Coffee. Won’t you visit and read how Jenn and others have shared their hearts on the above quote!