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Another First Hits our Hearts

We went to the vet today, for the first time since Matthew died. We have gone to this vet hundreds of times over the past 10 years, many times with Matthew, and the last year he had a lot of his practice driving time to the vet with Norm, and then last fall he did a lot of the visits by himself or with a brother, to help me out. He took his dog’s pups in short before he died (Chocolate lab).We have been doing our home business, Puppy Halfway House for over 10 years, and going to the same vet throughout this time. We have adopted out probably close to a thousand puppies. Norm & I went to the vet tonight – just ourselves. I guess without talking about it before, we were both bracing ourselves for this first. We had a long wait in the lobby, and Norm got a little choked up, think of Matthew when we first starting going – probably around 6 years old – that sweet, innocent age. He loved puppies and dogs. He grew up with them always around. We were the last customers for the vet, and he and his wife talked to us for quite sometime. They knew about Matthew dying, though did not know how, and we told them. They were well aware of this, and were so saddened of what our family has gone through. They really liked Matthew, and appreciated his kindness to them throughout the years. They watched him grow up. We are thankful for their care and even the hugs and understanding. Others feel the pain with us.

When we left, Norm & both had tears on the ride home, remembering. Just that stabbing ache again. Thankful for the times we went with him alone when he was taking driver’s ed. Thankful for the memories. But, ohhhh that sting of death.

Stephen (5 – who will be 18 on Friday) & Matthew (4).