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Book Review: Red Ink by Kathi Macias


his is an amazing, gripping book that kept me up too late at night!  I just had major surgery almost two weeks ago, and I was very thankful for something to keep me distracted and still (for awhile!).  Though fiction, this book is very realistic.

Three stories intertwine together throughout Red Ink by Kathi Macias: first a young mother in China is in jail because not only did she become pregnant with her second child which the government made her abort, she would not stop telling little children about Jesus nor denounce her Christian faith.  She is put into prison, separated from her husband and young son, and faced with wicked, horrid evilness.  She stands firm in her faith, even witnessing to her cell mate and the prison guard.

While this is taking place two elderly women in the United States, living in a retirement home, become prayer partners and one is often prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for the people of China, as she used to be a missionary there. These women are also prompted to pray for the granddaughter of one of the residents of the retirement home, who is also secretly pulled into horrible wickedness.  At some of the worst times of either of these young women,  one of the elderly women wakes up, praying for her.  I was deeply reminded of the power of prayer.

I cannot do justice in this review to share how captivated I was by Red Ink, and how it really gripped my heart and gave me a new look at my freedom and those that take an awesome stand for Jesus in other countries.  I wonder if my faith is that strong – what would I do in the same situation?  As I was reading this, a dear friend of mine was struggling as she was saying goodbye to her daughter (who I used to babysit for) and her son-in-law and grandchildren as they left for the mission field.  It gave me a glimpse of how to pray for them and how God can use them.

Kathi wrote on Facebook to me: “This book is very special to me, as it is based on the true life of my own personal heroine, Li Ying, who is currently serving a ten-year sentence in China for the crimes of printing/distributing Christian literature, particularly to children–something we do here every day. I pray for Li Ying daily”.

Red Ink is the 3rd book in the Extreme Devotion Series by Kathi Macias. The first book is No Greater Love and the second book is More than Conquerors.  I am looking forward to reading these and other books by Kathi Macias.

A complimentary book of,  Red Ink was provided at no cost to me by Christian Speaker Services in exchange for my honest opinion of it.