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Daily Prompt: Barter System?

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare?
Would you have services to barter?
Would you be successful, or would you struggle?


ometimes I think a barter system would be ideal.  With my husband being self-employed, we have done some bartering.  When we did not have dental insurance and I needed some major dental work, the dentist himself suggested we barter for getting my tooth fixed, and my husband did several tuneups and repairs on his lawn tractor.  I remember over 20 years ago when I was babysitting a gal that worked at a place that had very expensive vacuum cleaners, we traded several weeks of babysitting for my getting a new vacuum cleaner.

So, yes, there are things I could do – from babysitting, to making bread from scratch (including even grinding the wheat for REAL fresh bread!), to sewing, and making cards and jewelry or cooking some meals.   As a homeschool mom, I know of families who traded or bartered with areas they were better in teaching in with another family.  Imagine having someone teach my children to play the piano while I teach their children how to sew or knit or I help with teaching how to cook or bake while the mom from another family teaches my kids algebra lessons.  

Some can barter with garden produce for eggs from another!  It would be hard to go completely the barter system, and it would be especially difficult for the elderly or disabled.  But if more did it, it could help out a lot with finances too!  

What about you?  Could you barter something you could do or make for things or services you need?