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Daily Prompt: Why do I blog?


he first blog post I wrote was on December 27, 2004, barely two weeks after our 16 year old son’s death. Several months before our son died, I began reading my first blog, “How is Luke Doing?“, about a 17 month old boy who drowned in a pool and was brought back to life after 40 minutes, and their incredible journey of, still healing and fight for Luke.  (This blog still continues along with the battle of Luke’s frail body and life and am thankful to call his mom, my long distance, on-line friend).Little did I think, a few months later, I would begin blogging as a way of healing.  I’ve always liked writing.  I’ve kept journals off and on. I was one of those kids in high school who got in trouble for writing stories in my notebooks rather than doing my schoolwork.  :/

And so, my blogging continued through the ups and downs of life over the past eight years, including the birth of our 12th child, an emergency open heart surgery for my daughter, car accidents, three kid’s weddings and a variety of book reviews and other product reviews.  After writing for nearly one and a half years on Journaling through the Valley, I was given an opportunity to blog with an ABC affiliate, ClubMom (now called CafeMom) which I did with about 20 other moms of various backgrounds, just sharing our lives, as moms.  It was a great opportunity towards my wanting to write  professionally, and through this began my “freelance writing” venture.  After writing for 18 months with ClubMom, I went back to my own new blog, right here, to write independently and still have freelance writing opportunities.  

I enjoy writing.  I enjoy interacting with people and most of all, I am thankful for the opportunity to share my life as a wife, as a mom with a dozen kids, and a kept child of Jesus.  🙂

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Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question ~ Why do you blog?

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Creative Writing Challenge: 2 a.m. Photo ~ A LIFE CHANGING MOMENT

Creative Writing Challenge: 2 a.m. Photo
It’s 2 a.m. and your phone has just buzzed you awake,
filling the room in white-blue LED light.
You have a message. It’s a photo.
No words, no explanation. Just a photo.
Tell us all about it. And what happens next. 


am trying to stay awake. I am continually whispering prayers. But, I know it could be a long night.  Should I fall asleep so I am alert when I finally get a text?  I doze off numerous times, and quickly awaken, grabbing my phone to see if I have missed a message.  My husband groggily asks me if I have heard from them yet.  “No,” as I sigh deeply.  It’s been over seven hours since we’ve heard anything.  I am hoping and praying all is well.  I am worried about my daughter and hoping my son-in-law is staying awake. I drift off to sleep, again.

I awaken with abruptness.  My husband sits up quickly too. “Get the phone!” he says too loudly in the quietness of the night.  We both heard the text message buzzing.  I had my phone on extra loud.  There’s a blue glow lighting up our darkened bedroom.  I grab the phone too quickly and it bounces out of my hand onto the floor, upside down.  I lean over our bed and grab it again, and turn it around.  There’s no words, just this picture:

baby hand

Just a little hand.  But what a precious tiny, perfect hand . . .  My grandbaby’s hand!  

Didn’t they say anything?” my husband asks.  He does not have his glasses on.

No, there’s no message, but the baby must be here!  Let’s go!” I say excitedly, as I leap out of bed!  They said they’d let us know when the baby is here, and then we could come up to the hospital.  I guess they want to leave us in some suspense . . .  no details. No little nose to see whose nose it resembles.  No name or if it’s a girl or boy.  

Just that hand.  I cannot wait to put my finger in the palm and have the baby grip my finger.  

I am a grandma!  I can barely contain my excitement!

(this story is fiction . . . but is written in anticipation of our first grandchild
to make its appearance in  September!!

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