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YUP! God even supplies new bed sheets!


or the last couple of weeks  I was getting rather irritated while trying to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night because our bottom sheet had torn near the bottom – just where our feet are. You get the picture – get foot stuck in it, wake up and tear it more.  Yes, we use our sheets till they literally wear thin! These sheets are just over seven years old – having gotten them just before our youngest was born.  I could not sew it because much of the fabric around it was too thin.sheets

I did some extra babysitting last week, so I was on a mission to get a new set of sheets.  Being it’s been awhile since I bought a set of king sized bed sheets, I was in for some sticker shock, as well as my husband, hearing him, whistle at the prices.  YIKES!  Even with the extra babysitting money spending $50 to $75 on a set of sheets was too big of a lump when other bills were important. There was no way.

Hat DayI was rather bummed not finding what we needed, but it helped having the distraction of our grandbaby being here with us.  We found some fun, floppy summer hats for her to try on, taking pictures to show her mama.  receiptWe got to the checkout lane to meet up with our daughter and show her the pictures, and as I went on my phone, our local grocery store logo showed on my phone and it reminded me to check to see if I had any rewards.  I was blown away!  Because of what we had spent the previous month, I had a $30 reward – off of ANYTHING!  I almost ran back to the sheet aisle to find the right sheet set!  I didn’t even get the cheapest set of sheets!

I got those sheets home, washed and dried them and put them on our bed and ohhhh, what luxury it felt like!

Yes, my God even meets the needs of a nice new set of sheets!

3 Words

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Thankful Thursday & including Three-Words-A-Day


do not recall ever looking so hard for signs of spring as we are this year!Thankful Thursday Yesterday my husband pointed out patches of green grass where a bit of snow has melted.  The calendar says today  is the first day of spring, but, the thermometer sure is not agreeing as we keep stoking up the wood furnace. The prediction for next week is numerous days not even getting above freezing.  Ugh.  3 WordsI did hang sheets out this past week to dry, opened some windows briefly just to get some fresh air in the house and we are trying to force grow some spring flowers in the house.  If it won’t do it outside, then bring it inside! My youngest daughter is wearing shorts and a tank top today – she told me it’s spring so she’s dressing like it!  So we can kinda pretend spring is here – though it seems right now it may never arrive!grandbaby

So what am I thankful for?  Of course, I remain thankful for the sweetness our grandbaby brings us. She certainly is the spark in our lives and when with us, there’s always arms ready to hold and love on her. She’s almost 6 months old and we are enjoying her new growing experiences and especially watching her mama, (our daughter) as she continues to enjoy motherhood and the newness of each new delight with her baby.  

I am thankful, that, overall besides slight colds, we’ve had a very healthy winter. No flu bugs.  I am so very thankful for a warm house and a man who has worked so very well with my husband delivering wood.  I am thankful that finally on Monday we will be getting propane after being nearly empty for many  weeks.  I feel it’s been like the miracle of feeding the 5000. The last time we got propane was beginning of September, and it was not even a complete fill . . . and somehow, it’s lasted over six months – for 7 of us and before Christmas was 8 of us! It’s amazing how quick we can take showers and how quickly clothes drying just hanging on hangers in the bathroom and bedrooms.  I am so looking forward to using the oven after several months not using with trying to conserve the propane.  

panI am thankful for my new big deep frying pan I found at Good Will about a month ago, thinking it would help to make some meals in it rather than using the stove or oven. My family likes it too. I had never made fried chicken before.  I’d do the “Shake-n-Bake” type and stick it in the oven. I really had never fully fried chicken.  Well, it’s been a hit here and it’s an easy economical meal to make!  I am thankful the way God provided again with the frying pan and enjoyment from it for the family.  

I am thankful that my dad is healthy especially since the death of my mom, ten years tomorrow.  I am thankful that he has done well with a recent major move to another state and is adjusting.  I am thankful for his recent encouragement when I have been discouraged.  

And just as God promises joy in the morning, and so often the night seem so long before that joy comes again, just like that joy that does come,  I am thankful spring is coming!

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Five Minute Friday: CROWD


Start . . .


 don’t like crowdsI don’t like shopping either, if there is a crowd of people.  I don’t do Black Friday shopping.  Too many people.  I can even have a panic attack being at a ladies retreat – with a crowd of women, not knowing where I fit in or who to sit with.  

tubAnd, sometimes at home, it can also seem like there’s a crowd.  It can be one of those days when the kids have tattled one too many times, the phone has rung one too many times with either no one there or some soliciting calls . . . .the kids are still tattling . . . the Awana book is still missing along with the youngest’s glasses (again) and now, instead of the kids tattling . . . they are yelling the other child’s offenses real loud so I can hear them.  Calgon take me away is not far enough away.  There’s a crowd in this house and I need some time ALONE!  (Yes, you can send me to time out – alone somewhere!)

[A]nd great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities.
But He would withdraw to desolate places and pray.
Luke 5:15-16

No, I do not feed crowds like Jesus did – but sometimes five kids can seem like 5000 pressing in on me when the winter has dragged on and the kids need to run as much as I need ALONE.  An escape to my bedroom with no banging on the door, or mama can I come in; where are you mama, or can I have a snack  for just 20 minutes, sounds like an escape.  A weekend away to a cabin or hotel, alone, sounds wonderful too! It certainly was not that Jesus did not like the crowd of people. He loved them beyond measure.  But He too needed space. He knew He was going to die for them.  But He needed time away, alone, to pray and be with His Father.

I am learning to feel not guilty for wanting and needing time alone, from my mini crowd, that it is ok, to go to my room to read, alone, to pray, alone, to just breath, alone!

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Daily Prompt: If You Leave

Daily Prompt: If You Leave


posted a few days ago about my friend looking for her birth mom.  Since writing, she has been connected to several in her birth family and she is getting questions answered!  I know the feeling after finding my birthparents and siblings!  Of course, there are some expectations that may never be met.  As an adopted child, we have this dream-like vision of what our birthmom may be like.  For most adopted kids, that expectation is quickly lost.  Through the years as a child, where always the questions of,  . . . why would my birthmom not want me, why would she leave me; what was wrong with me . .. or her/them.  Maybe it’s why Jesus’ relates it numerous times in Scripture how He will not leave us.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18

Even if my mother and father leave me,
    the Lord will take me in.
Psalm 27:10

mirrorThere’s something else I’ve been thinking of as my friend has been looking for her birth family. I think back to how I wondered who I looked like, wanting to “know” my birthmom.  Not just what was written on a piece of paper what she looked like and what nationalities she is, but what she is really like.  Isn’t that somewhat what we search for in God? The more we know Him, the more we want to know Him and the more we realize we do not know Him.  I think of how I’d look in a mirror and wonder where I got my big brown eyes from. And God says we are made in His image. As we grow, we are to become more and more like Him, reflecting Him.  

So indeed, the Man who made us in His image, paid a price for us to keep us by dying on the cross for us, of course, never will leave us.  He paid the ultimate price – He does not want to give us up. He keeps fighting for us and pursuing us.

There is no if’s with God.  We are His.  He won’t leave us.

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Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

Brian Nancy


ust less than three months ago, I shared some writings of a man enduring lung cancer.   He is now completely cancer free with a new body.  He met Jesus face to face early this morning. His wife was our older kid’s piano teacher.  She came into our home on a weekly basis for a couple of years.  They moved across the country and so Facebook has kept us in touch.  My heart rejoices for Brian who now is healed, can ask Jesus those questions, if they still matter.  He leaves behind a wife of 32 years, three sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren.  

As Nancy shared, today, she wrote of her comfort knowing Brian has,

No more night, no more pain
No more tears, never crying again
And praises to the great, “I AM”
We will live in the light of the risen Lamb

from David Phelps song, No More Night Lyrics. This song will now have an added meaning for me and will remind me to whisper a prayer for Nancy and her family. Within a few hours of reading of Brian’s home going, I heard this song on Pandora.  My heart is heavy for Nancy tonight, but thankful Our Redeemer Lives, and Brian lives and any who believe, LIVE!

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Five Minute Friday: SMALL


Start . . .


 he didn’t expect a Valentine’s card.

She didn’t buy one either. Why?  It all seemed hopeless.  What words would make sense when it’s all about love and mushiness. There was no mushiness.  Only silence, small talk, and big, hurtful words.

But small kids have big hopes. “What are you getting mommy, daddy?  Are you getting flowers? Mommy likes chocolate. What card are you getting mommy?”  The questions did not stop.  “When are we going to the store Daddy?  Can we help? ”   

How does a man pick out a card for his wife when his heart his hurting too and it’s no small thing that life and marriage can be confusing.  How does he pick out a card with all the other men standing at card stand. Do any ache as he? Do any wish this day did not exist? How does he pick one out with his small kids looking up at him with big anticipation?  

A whispered small prayer to find the perfect one, and he picks up the card.  Front cover reads, “For my wife“.  Inside reads, “I love you.  Happy Valentine’s Day.”  Simple, small, perfect.  And the kids are happy.  What about his wife?  He finds a simple red rose and her favorite candy bar. It’s all small.  But, small sometimes brings big healing too.  

He wakes her up Valentine’s morning. She may have wanted to sleep the day away . . . pretend too, it  didn’t exist.  He gives her the rose and encourages her to get up and see the kids who have their own homemade Valentine cards. She shrugs off the rose. He had to get her something. They hug their mommy, give her kisses and mommy’s big praises over their cards melts their small, growing yet fragile hearts.  

And he gives her the card.  She reads the simple, small, easy-to-read words, and begins to sob. Small hope. 

Didn’t Jesus say, . . .  if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” 

 Small faith. Small beginnings.

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fiveWe write for five minutes flat. 
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Five Minute Friday: {HIS} Garden


Start . . .


 he mention of a garden sounds like – SPRING! 

I am so ready for spring.

I am anticipating spring, almost like a new life.  Walking around our various flower gardens in the spring, looking for the green heads poking through the dirt for a soon-to-be flower brightening up the dull brown background of autumn’s leftovers.   Fresh warm air to breath in.  I am ready!

I wonder what it was like to walk in that first garden
discovering newness –
discovering yet another pure flower unlike any other,
walking barefoot on warm soil,
no fears of prickers or a sharp rock cutting feet.  

And to walk beside Him in the garden . . .
hear Him talk, look at us, listen to us
God Himself showing details of what He created in the garden;
and to see, animals following along and jumping ahead
knowing they are with their Creator.  

No death in this garden
no flowers dying, trees rotting, animals sick

no wasps to fear
no skunks to run from.
No one to fear that we might see.
No one to avoid in His garden.

Imagine, walking through the garden with Him
And the trees of the field praising Him,
flowers leaning towards Him,
birds hushing as He passes by
A time to plant - plant memories with daddyHis creation not groaning as in the pains of childbirth.  

We get a glimpse of the awe
of His new earth and garden
when spring arrives,
and new life emerges in the garden
and trees wave with their new green buds

. . . Finish

fiveWe write for five minutes flat. 
All on the same prompt posted here at 1 minute past midnight EST every Friday. And we connect on Twitter with the hashtag #FMFParty (It stands for Five Minute Friday Party).

No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar,
font, or punctuation.

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{Not So} Wordless Wednesday: Sweater Keepsake

Yesterday I put on my granddaughter a sweater that her mama and her mama’s twin sister wore.  I actually had another one in pink, which, sadly, I cannot find.  Probably one of our girls’  dollies is wearing it!  But the sweaters were hand-made by a dear lady from my home church near Milwaukee.  The sweaters were such a special gift and am thankful our grandbaby gets to wear it too.

Grandbaby Sweater2

♥ ♥ ♥

wordless wednesday

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Thankful Thursday ~ NEW LIFE

Bree New Life


last night,  was the time Bree‘s bone marrow transplant was completed!  

Her mama said she was sound asleep and doing wonderfully.  

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!  

I can only imagine the relief that this part is done, and the hopeful hearts for this family and loved ones that this gives Bree new life – a new healthy, cancer-free life – thankful for the unknown young man who gave of his time and his bone marrow to a precious 10 year old girl.

In less than 3 hours, the picture above had over 3,000 likes on Facebook.  So many prayers lifted up for her!  So many rejoicing! So many thankful!

And I am thankful again, for the gift of life – BLOOD – for Bree, for my daughter who had three open heart surgeries and needed “normal” blood transfusions (of which Bree has gotten hundreds) and for myself that also saved my life.

As I look at the picture above, thinking of those life saving cells dripping into Bree, to give her new life, how it too is the picture of what Jesus did for us, hanging on a cross, bleeding out for us, that we might live forever with Him and as we hope and pray for Bree to have new life with these new blood cells adhering throughout her body, Jesus already did it for us, coming alive – no longer dead, so we too can be raised from the death of our sins, and live with Him forever. He is adhered to us, never to leave us but giving us new life abundant.

It’s a lot to be thankful for.

Thank you Father.  For the gift of Your Son. For giving us new life. And for that donor that has given new life to Bree, and the many blood donors that give daily to give new life.  

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SNOW DAY COMPLAINTS? Please rethink . . .

Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.


wo of our girls attend a charter school part-timeSnow Day Complaints? Why I am Rethinking  and are excited because tomorrow is yet another snow day – the 5th snow day in a row!!  I am just as happy to have them home.  Yes, more food is being eaten, more messy crafts are scattered about, and more movies being watched which means more blankets and pillows in the living room. Yet, it’s sad so many parents write on Facebook that they are so ready for their kids to go back to school, can’t keep the house clean because they are home or their kids are driving them crazy and they need them to go back to school. I certainly understand it messing up parent’s work schedules and there needs to be an alternate plan, but I just wonder how kids feel when it seems parents do not want them home.

What if,
this very snow day,
is the last memory you make with your child?
What if God calls one of you to heaven,
today . . . tomorrow . . . next week . . .
or even sometime this year?
What if tomorrow you get a bad health diagnosis,
or even worse,
your child ? 

Would you treasure today’s snow day?

Would you pray for more snow days?

Though we homeschool three children full-time and have homeschooled for over 20 years, and there are days I so need some space and time alone, I hope my children do not feel I want to get rid of them. I am even taking snow days with our homeschooling (or at least cutting things out) when the other two do not have school. My almost 7 year old son wants to go to the church service with us each Sunday instead of his age group Sunday School class. Of course there are those who think I am spoiling him (he is the baby of a dozen children!) but that is ok.  I think of how quickly he will want to be away from me and hang out with his own friends and not be sitting by his mom.  It will come too soon.

I am reading on Facebook of a mom also reminding us as we complain about the bitter cold and snow days, there are moms who wish they were not spending weeks upon weeks in the hospital by a sick child.  They want snow days at home with their child, healthy and whole again. They want to get out of the sterile four walls they are cooped up in.

We take so many things for granted.  If you are having another snow day at home with your children, have a pajama day and snuggle up and read a funny book, go through some baby albums, clean a closet together AND HAVE FUN, and then make some fudgey brownies and hot chocolate (of course with lots of whip cream and marshmallows!).

And whisper a prayer right now for our friends whose little girl, Bree, is in the hospital, preparing for a bone marrow transplant, and would rather be at home with her family on this snow day. Bree’s mama shares this, about snow days:

These snow days…. They hurt me… I am one of those moms that lives for the ticker on the T.V. to says [our] Public closed. It always means fun for my girls and I. Sleeping in, snuggling, crafts, movies, making messes, visiting dad at work and bringing him lunch. Bree and I are at the hospital and Madison and Dad are at home. I am missing having snow days with my girls, enjoy yours if you are able to be home with your kiddos. xoxo

Just maybe on this snow day more is being learned than in school . . . about family and loving and making special memories that will be in the photo album to look back on 20 years from now.

PS – This article was not written about any particular mom friend complaining about snow days. Many have, but seriously, no name comes to mind of anyone in particular.  It’s not about YOU! But maybe you will see it in a different way!   🙂

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{NOT} Wordless Wednesday ~ Her Sweet Sixteen Birthday in Heaven

AngelaDaisesI thought about writing about her the other day, when the Daily Prompt was Sweet Sixteen.  Today that little girl we held so briefly, is Sweet Sixteen.  Sixteen sweet years she has been in heaven, seeing Jesus face to face, walking on golden streets with the angels, David, Mary, Job and so many more.

Though she was an infant, 36 weeks gestation when she was born still, the picture of her in my mind is of a little girl, about three years old, with blonde curls and bright blue eyes, twirling in a white lacy dress.   

angelI still wonder – does God part the clouds for her to peak in on us? Does she run to her big brother Matthew, and say . . . . “look, at our little niece! She’s rolling over.”  Matthew so loved babies – I like to think they love on the babies together.  I even wonder, being this also the 41st anniversary of Roe vs Wade, how many babies they hold as a result of abortion.  

Though she is thought of so often, today is her day, a day I am still thankful to have loved her than not at all.   A bittersweet day, missing what we missed out on – but she has not missed anything here.  And so tonight we will have a cake and be thankful for our little sweet sixteen daughter, who only knows sweetness and purity with Jesus.  

And I wonder again, will she she catch the kisses I blow to her today?  Maybe Matthew teases her and catches some meant for her! 

And does she blow kisses back?

I think so.

Happy Birthday our Angela Hope.

We love you.


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Decluttering the Magazines

New Magazines 


he kids brought in the mail today, and there were three brand new magazines for me.  “MOM – YOU HAVE ENOUGH MAGAZINES ALREADY!!!” was the comment – which I hear each month!  (Sometimes I get subscriptions as rewards for blogging . . . so I do get quite a few).  Since I was not feeling the best, it was a good time, to sit and go through them.  I have been whittling down on them. So, since I got quite a ways through them, I thought I’d share what I have been doing with things I wanted to save.

It used to be, I saved all the recipes in a big album type book.  I still have that and still use it. But, I want to cut down on space.  So, I have been taking pictures of various things with my phone, and saving it on  SpringPad is a free phone app AND you can access it online on your computer as well.  To simplify it, Springpad is a way of storing organized information, from pictures, to recipes, to really any content you want to keep safe. Folders are made and each folder can be made private or public.  Most of mine are private.

One easy part of the app is that when I want to put a new item in a folder, I can use my camera.  So today, I saved many recipes and some home ideas.  I took a picture of the item, then an actual picture of the recipe, instead of typing it all in. After I take each picture it will ask if I want to save it or not.  And, it’s saved!  I can access it on my phone if I am in the store, or look at it on my computer.

This picture below shows each page – though is downsized since it is copyrighted material, I cannot show the full recipe.

mag A

So, when I even look at these recipes, I know I have the FULL recipe.  With handwriting them, it’s easy to omit something – or make it 1 tablespoon instead of 1/2 teaspoon!

I have folders for gardening, school, holiday recipes, etc.

And today I got rid of about 20 magazines!  They are going with my daughters to school for one of their classes.

Goodbye Magazines

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Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen


eading this Daily Prompt idea, I see how I’ve tried to redo my childhood through my children. I don’t remember my 16th birthday.  It does not stand out in my mind. It does not mean it was a bad day, but I don’t remember it as a highlighted birthday either.  I do not remember any birthday party or special cake.  I don’t remember “sweet sixteen”. My sister and I shared birthdays often – our birthday dates a month a part, yet by five years.

bday1So, I try to make birthdays special for each of our kids and probably go overboard with it at times.  It’s their day to celebrate their life. It’s also a celebration for me as their mom. I am thankful to do this each year, with each of my children, even remembering our two in heaven on their birth days.

Our twin’s 16th birthday was the first sweet sixteen birthday to celebrate for girls in our family.


We had a small surprise party for them, having four of their special friends surprise them by being at our local Coffee House.  I hope they remember and treasure this birthday for many years, knowing how much they were and are loved!  Now both these girls are married and one also a mama!

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