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ow do you keep up with all that laundry is a question I am often asked.  Well, I don’t – many times.  There’s always yet another load of wash to be done.  It does help that we have two washers and two dryers and numerous laundry lines outside. The kids do a lot of their own laundry, which does help me keep up with the bedding and towels, kitchen laundry and my husband’s and mine along with whatever else gets thrown
But then there’s still the mix-ups of missing socks and underwear.  There always seems to be unmatched socks and seems to happen within days after new socks are put into the laundry.  And, it can cause the girl drama whose socks are whose and who is wearing whose socks.  What has helped is each child has their own laundry basket.  But this has not eliminated the lost socks and undies, until . . . I started their own individual 
 Mesh Laundry Bags.

20150801_194921It certainly didn’t end all drama and as with trying to get into any new habit, it requires nagging reminding and more nagging reminding. When the kids finally realize they can always have clean, matching socks, it can inspire them!  Another thing that helped, was I put a key ring on the zipper part of the mesh bags, so they can be hung on a hook in their closet or over a hanger. Again, it keeps the Mesh Laundry Bags within easy access.

NOTE:  I was given a set of the Mesh Laundry Bags at a discounted cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased review and blog post.



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