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Saving Money on Clothes

Whether you consider yourself a fashonista, or are happy with whatever you happen to grab out of the closet, the fact is clothes wear out, stop fitting, or just simply go out of style, whether for you personally or society in general.

The fact is, eventually you are going to have to spend money on clothes, whether you want to or not. The good news is you can upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

  • Avoid impulse buying and keep an eye out for sales. The first part of this is mandatory to controlling your fashion budget. Yes, you may find just the perfect blouse or shoes when you were least expecting it, but don’t take that as a sign that you have to have it right now.Check with the salesperson if the item might be going on sale soon. Most stores rotate their specials on a regular basis. A number of them will be happy to share this information because they just want to get you back in the store. Just remember when you go back to limit yourself to the sale items. Also, don’t be afraid to check out the discount rack. Many of the items are simply discontinued, or may have minor irregularities, but are still a great piece at a great value.
  • Think multi-purpose. There are several ways to make a few garments into several versatile outfits. When you are purchasing different parts of an ensemble, think about color and pattern matching across a number of pieces. With the proper blouses, vests and skirts, you can compile numerous looks for a fraction of the cost of off the rack sits. Of course the same is true for pants, jacket and shirt combinations. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Consider quality versus price. Sure, you might be able to by two dozen pairs of socks at the dollar store, but how long will they last compared to a three-pack of quality stockings for a few more dollars? There are times when buying a bargain is well worth it. If you need a bunch of cheap work socks you know you’re going to trash while working outside, or just working out, the cheaper socks may be a better choice. However, a heartier pair of socks will be more comfortable, prevent blisters, and last much longer. Consider your priorities, and make the choice you think will serve you best.
  • Shop at outlet stores and secondhand shops. Most big name chains also have factory outlet stores available. Though these aren’t always available in all areas, when you can find them they are worth exploring. They remove the glitz and glamour of fancy store fronts, but offer the same merchandise at greatly reduced prices. Sometimes the savings are due to irregularities, but often the products are no different than those you’d find in the upscale shops. Likewise, second-hand and consignment shops are becoming more and more popular. Of course the old stand-bys like the Salvation Army and Goodwill are always available. Granted, these may have a lot of clothes in which you have no interest, but with a little work some great clothes at amazing prices can be found.

If you’d prefer a more upscale environment, second-hand and consignment boutiques are popping up more and more in cities everywhere. Not only can you find quality clothing at rock bottom prices at these establishments, but you may also be able to bring in many of the clothes you’ve cleaned out of your own closet for trade credit and even greater savings. Whether these kind of money-saving stores are available where you live or not, there are also many online variations available for buying, selling or swapping used clothes.



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