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Glamorous Look Plus Benefits of Silk Sheets


hat is silk? 

The silkworm cocoon
The silkworm cocoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Silk is a strand of protein fibers made by silkworms in a carefully coordinated process. Rearing of silkworms to produce silk is an ancient practice that dates back to centuries in Asian countries, but is now more advanced. Silk is prized for its natural, soft but tough nature besides its insulating property which makes it one of the most revered and valued fabrics in the world.

It is worth noting that currently majority still sleep on non-silk sheets and other bedding garments with most using cotton fabrics. Even so, this trend is gradually changing as more and more people are rediscovering the myriad of benefits associated with silk. Just like any other fabric, there exist a number of silk varieties in the market. Mulberry is one of the topmost sought silk for its quality.

Benefits of Silk Sheets

I didn't know there's health benefits with using silk sheets!  Sheets are vital components of bedding that play a role in giving that much needed sleep or bed rest. Perfect sheets should be conducive in any weather or season. Although silk has not been utilized in sheets as much as cotton, it reserves a number of unrivaled quality properties that sets it above the rest. Some of these benefits include:

a. Smooth texture

Silk fabric unlike the other commonly used fabrics in sheets such as cotton, is smoother in texture and is nonirritating to the skin. Studies suggest that silk biochemically contains similar proteins present in human hair making it a friendlier companion to your skin and scalp. This limits risks of skin abrasion and reduces chances of bugs laying their eggs or dwelling unseen in it which could trigger skin reactions.

b. No chemicals

As a direct product from silkworm, silk is a natural fiber product. To retain its natural state and limit chemical exposure, silkworms are carefully nurtured and fed on non-chemical feeds. This makes silk sheets safer to the skin unlike other fabrics such as cotton that is exposed to chemicals such as pesticides and industrial chemicals while being processed.

c. Easy-to-clean fabric

Sheets being garments exposed to the body often gets dirty, dusty and greasy due to sweat or lotions. The easy to clean fabric comes in handy. This is where silk sheets beat the competition. Most silk brands are machine washable too unlike cotton and other fabrics that may sometimes need dry cleaning.

d. Hypoallergenic property

The proteins that make up silk is hypoallergenic. The fact that it has biochemically similar proteins to the human hair makes it safer. Therefore those individuals with sensitive skin and scalp are spared the risk of allergic reactions. Furthermore, studies suggest that silk material naturally acts as a repellant for bug, mite and other disease causing microorganisms. These when left to thrive as it happens with other sheets can onset allergies.

e. Skin moisture retention

In as much as cotton sheet is cherished for its topnotch moisture absorption, studies show that this extreme moisture absorption may be damaging to the skin. Over time, the skin and scalp are deprived of its much needed moisture which may leave it dry and crusty. Silk sheets, however, optimize moisture absorption especially during perspiration leaving the body with just the right amount that would not lead to dehydration or discomfort during bed rest.

f. Heat insulating property

Protein fibers used to make silk sheets have a topnotch level of heat insulation. That means in cold seasons you can sleep or rest comfortably under silk sheets and still feel warmer since silk can retain body heat and regulate it well. Silk sheets are also friendly during warmer seasons as they can dissipate the extra heat and still keep you comfortable in your sleep.

g. Light nature

Unlike cotton and most other fabrics, silk sheets are way lighter making them both easy to handle and quick to dry. Furthermore, silk sheets being light coupled with its moisture retention and insulating property can be used in hot conditions without having to worry about suffocating when you opt to grab a blanket.

h. Aesthetic value

Silk is a fabric whose use dates back to the ancient times where it was the preserve of the few such as royals and the mighty in society. Over the centuries, its reverence has been carried on from one generation to another and is still considered a premium fabric. It therefore leaves no doubt the glamour and exquisite appearance it gives the bedding or the sense of satisfaction it gives your mind knowing that you deserve it.

Besides these benefits, silk sheets have also been believed to possess other benefits such as anti-aging. Some believe that sleeping on silk sheets can reduce wrinkles and other skin defects. The bottom line is silk sheets have appealing qualities that make them a-must-have. Firsthand experience is always the best!

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