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Inspire Me Monday – Spring Cleaning & Organization


 think spring is finally here OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeven though it did not always feel like it during our kids’ spring break. We got 7 baby chicks to add to our chicken flock and  a baby lamb may soon be included. We have started some tomato plants and they are poking their little heads up. And, we have been “weeding” – in the house. We are going through clothes and kitchen cupboards and donating a lot. I got a free quart of paint to paint our front door (waiting for a warmer sunny day) and paint for another room.  Yes, I am inspired with spring! What about you?

Pin Cozi Sweepstakes!One thing that helps me with organization and to help keep on top of things, is the Cozi Calendar app. Have any of you used this?  It is great for to do lists, grocery lists and calendars.  Probably one of the best parts is you can link up with family members so you know what each other is doing. This is great for husbands and wives along with teenage kids when they have sports, and after school activities. Right now two of our girls are in a play and they have practices.  It’s a lot to keep track of – who is doing what, when and where.  On Pinterest there are such great ideas on how to use the Cozi Calendar which sure helps to inspire organization!  The neat thing is right now Cozi has a sweepstakes going on to win an Amazon gift card by by following Cozi’s Pinterest and re-pinning a pin.  What a great way to be inspired for organization and possibly win a gift card! 

My dear friend Hannah wrote such an inspiring blog post onWhat am I wearing?”  There’s so much in this blog post that spoke to my heart – from wearing depression to[choosing] to wake up each morning and thank the Lord for a new day and then slide into my side of the yoke.”  It’s a must read!

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