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The Benefits of Purchasing Trees and Plants from Local Nursery Centers


ost nursery centers supply things like trees, flowers and plants,  which The Benefits of Purchasing Trees and Plants from Local Nursery Centersyou can put in your yard to improve the look and functionality of the landscape. Purchasing these items from a nursery gives you a distinct advantage over growing them yourself, as they are raised by professionals from the time they are seedlings. Then, once the plants and trees are strong enough to survive elsewhere, you can transplant them into your own yard. Buying from a nursery is recommended for anyone who lives in a cold climate or simply does not have the time to tend to young plants.


When you purchase your plants and trees from nursery centers in your area, the plants will be adapted to survive in your climate. This means that they will have the ability to make it through snowy, cold winters because they will have been raised in the climate for their entire lives. Certain plants can also be adapted to withstand up to 12 months of drought, which ensures that they will survive in a dry climate.

Root System

Plants that come from a nursery have a large system of roots already in place. This is important because the roots can help to limit soil erosion in your yard. Soil erosion can lead to major expenses in the future, so keeping some healthy plants around the yard has multiple benefits. Having these roots in place also allows water to penetrate the soil at a better rate, so that you waste less water when using a sprinkler in your yard.


A honey bee on a flower.
A honey bee on a flower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people do not consider what having a few trees in the yard can do for the environment. Your trees can become a home for birds and other animals that live in your area, which is especially important if you live in a highly populated urban area without much vegetation. In addition, putting flowers or trees that blossom in the spring into your yard attracts honeybees and other pollinating insects, which are essential for the survival of any ecosystem.

Low Maintenance

Nursery bought trees and plants are relatively low maintenance, since they are already through the most difficult stage of their lives. The staff at your local nursery centers will nurture the trees and plants through their first few months or years of life, which gives them a much better chance of surviving long term. If you choose to plant seeds in your yard, rather than buying from a nursery, you become responsible for maintaining them through the difficult times.

Available Throughout the Year

Because nursery centers grow their plants, flowers and trees in greenhouses, you can purchase these items throughout the year. While it is not recommended that you attempt to plant trees when the ground is frozen in the winter, the fall is actually a great time to plant because the trees will focus on developing their roots, rather than growing leaves. This gives them a much better chance of surviving, as the roots are the most important aspect of a plant’s health.

Winterland Nursery has eight greenhouses full of plants, flowers and trees in the Madison area. For more information, or to see what they have available for your home or business, visit their website at



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