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Five Minute Friday: JOY


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first thought with the word joy is my daughter, Jessica Joy who has had three open heart surgeries, and lets Jesus’ joy shine through her in such a beautiful way. She loves people, especially the “least of these” and has a heart for the hurting. But you can read more about her here.  JOYFUL in Hope?  Patient in Affliction?  YIKES!  HOW?????

But what else comes immediately to mind is my verse for this year:

Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

I have by no means conquered this verse, but God keeps reminding me of it, over and over again, especially, when I question . . . when I ask, what if, how, why, where are you God in this, etc. Sometimes A LOT of times it’s just plain hard to find joy when so much can come crashing down. Ultimately I know there is hope, but how long til we get that hope that will bring joy – right?  NO – God says to be joyful IN the hope!  THAT is the hard part! That is what God is reminding me of. That no matter what, there is hope and I can rejoice and have joy in that.  

Ohhh, so much easier said than done . . . but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel – God just does not tell us how long that tunnel will be (and many times we probably do not want to know!) but I can have joy that no matter what happens, how much it hurts, how much sense it does not make, how many tears I’ve cried, and how scary the journey may seem, there IS hope and that I can be joyful in.  

And the next part of the verse is just as hard – to be patient in affliction.  Ugh.  seems like a lot at once, doesn’t it?  To be joyful in hope AND patient in affliction?!?!?  The next line sums it up – helps us to accomplish this – faithful in prayer.  

I just wonder, how much more joy and patience I’d have, with more faithfulness in prayer.  

Might the same be for you?

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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: JOY

  1. WOW.. your post had me tearful! I know what its like to go through heart troubles! I was born with heart disease and my heart has been acting up with possible surgery in the future and you names JOY perfectly! I think GOD gives us JOY and its up to us to embrace it, because its here for us and its a gift from GOD!

    Thank you for sharing …. beautiful story


  2. Your year’s verse was (right now) an epiphany for me – I have plenty of HOPE but isn’t it amazing that the Apostle Paul says ‘be joyful in hope’….that’s the KEY. Thank you!

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