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Thankful Thursday & including Three-Words-A-Day


do not recall ever looking so hard for signs of spring as we are this year!Thankful Thursday Yesterday my husband pointed out patches of green grass where a bit of snow has melted.  The calendar says today  is the first day of spring, but, the thermometer sure is not agreeing as we keep stoking up the wood furnace. The prediction for next week is numerous days not even getting above freezing.  Ugh.  3 WordsI did hang sheets out this past week to dry, opened some windows briefly just to get some fresh air in the house and we are trying to force grow some spring flowers in the house.  If it won’t do it outside, then bring it inside! My youngest daughter is wearing shorts and a tank top today – she told me it’s spring so she’s dressing like it!  So we can kinda pretend spring is here – though it seems right now it may never arrive!grandbaby

So what am I thankful for?  Of course, I remain thankful for the sweetness our grandbaby brings us. She certainly is the spark in our lives and when with us, there’s always arms ready to hold and love on her. She’s almost 6 months old and we are enjoying her new growing experiences and especially watching her mama, (our daughter) as she continues to enjoy motherhood and the newness of each new delight with her baby.  

I am thankful, that, overall besides slight colds, we’ve had a very healthy winter. No flu bugs.  I am so very thankful for a warm house and a man who has worked so very well with my husband delivering wood.  I am thankful that finally on Monday we will be getting propane after being nearly empty for many  weeks.  I feel it’s been like the miracle of feeding the 5000. The last time we got propane was beginning of September, and it was not even a complete fill . . . and somehow, it’s lasted over six months – for 7 of us and before Christmas was 8 of us! It’s amazing how quick we can take showers and how quickly clothes drying just hanging on hangers in the bathroom and bedrooms.  I am so looking forward to using the oven after several months not using with trying to conserve the propane.  

panI am thankful for my new big deep frying pan I found at Good Will about a month ago, thinking it would help to make some meals in it rather than using the stove or oven. My family likes it too. I had never made fried chicken before.  I’d do the “Shake-n-Bake” type and stick it in the oven. I really had never fully fried chicken.  Well, it’s been a hit here and it’s an easy economical meal to make!  I am thankful the way God provided again with the frying pan and enjoyment from it for the family.  

I am thankful that my dad is healthy especially since the death of my mom, ten years tomorrow.  I am thankful that he has done well with a recent major move to another state and is adjusting.  I am thankful for his recent encouragement when I have been discouraged.  

And just as God promises joy in the morning, and so often the night seem so long before that joy comes again, just like that joy that does come,  I am thankful spring is coming!



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