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Weekly Writing Challenge: Power of Names

Weekly Writing Challenge: Power of Names


ith having a dozen named children,  many have asked how we came up with names or if it was difficult with the younger ones to find names.  I enjoy names.  I enjoy finding the meaning of names.  And with each of our children, we specifically chose names that had meaning – sometimes after someone; sometimes for the time we were in our lives.  As these children grow up, I see how their names really fit them.  I will share about our kid’s names, though with most of our children, I will just share about their middle names.  They are in no particular order too.A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.

Matthew Norman ~ Our “forever 16” year old son in heaven. Matthew means “Gift of God” and how often we do not realize what a treasure someone is til they are gone. His first name a Bible name; his middle name after his dad and grandpa.  Though our Matthew was never a “tax collector” as the Matthew was in Scripture, he was one to be very inventive with ways of making money . . . and his heart was towards missions, even thinking of becoming a missionary pilot.  I like to think that despite the way he died, his story is told to prayerfully prevent other kids from dying as he did – and in a sense, still a missionary.

Levi – our son born a couple years after Matthew was gone – and has the new name Jesus gave Matthew – Levi.  He is not taking Matthew’s place.  Levi means joining or adhere – and we are so thankful for him joining our family after such heartache.

Angela Hope – our daughter born still at 36 weeks.  I cannot remember the name we originally had planned for her, but do remember her middle name was going to be Angela.  We change it to Angela Hope – because of the hope we have in Jesus to see her again.

Bernard – our son’s middle name – named after his dad and grandpa.

Henry – our son’s middle name, after my grandpa.  When he was young he used to think his middle name was either Hungry  or Hurry !  🙂

Faith – After going through a difficult time, switching churches, being criticized for “falling away” from legalistic Christianity, our faith still was strong.

Melody Grace – This name so goes together – After our daughter born still, because of God’s grace we were given a new melody in our home to allow our hearts to sing again.

Timothy – son named after an uncle and after Timothy in the Bible.  Timothy means meaning honoring God, or dear to God, something I pray for all my children.

Louise & Jean – Middle names of twin daughters – named after both sides of family.

Heidi – named after the Heidi book – my favorite childhood book.  She then named her daughter Elsie, after her favorite childhood book, Elsie Dinsmore.

Jessica Joy – I’ve written about her a lot on my blog.  She’s my only child born at home and child who has triumphed through three open heart surgeries and gallbladder surgery.  Jessica means “God beholds”.  And joy – well you know that.  Despite her heart surgeries and spinal problems, she is a joyful girl who radiates Jesus.

Rose – A daughter who truly has rosy cheeks, who loves to sing for Jesus.

I probably could write a book on all their names – so many stories came to mind with each of my children, how their names fit them – how really, God placed their names on our hearts to give them.

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