Inspire Me Monday: #ImBornTo Love Ring Bling !!


hat girl doesn’t love a little bling every so often?  Though I do not wear a lot of jewelry, I like to have fun with it sometimes, especially with rings.  And, I like to gift rings, especially to my girls.  It’s exciting to find rings that fit their personality – such as one daughter likes antique keys, another owls and another likes various things with mustaches.  This past Christmas I found all my girls rings that seem to fit them – from the real girly ones, to the over-the-top eccentric type. And I did it quite inexpensively. These rings were not about how much gold or silver or gemstones were in them. It was about something fun.  Each of the girl’s rings were under $10 – most under $5.

eBay now has a way in which we can put together our favorite collections using the #ImBornTo as part of the collection name.  I put one together – calling it#ImBornTo Love Ring Bling.  I have over 25 rings in a collection I put together from items found on eBay from various sellers, that are just fun ring bling ideas – most under $5.  

#ImBorn to Love Ring Bling

eBay asks, What are you born to be?

By creating a collection as I did using #ImBornTo then we are entered for a chance to WIN a $5,000 eBay shopping spree! Ends March 31, 2014.

Here are some more from my .

See my "#ImBornTo Love Ring Bling" Collection on eBay! See my #ImBornTo Love Ring Bling collection on eBay See my "#ImBornTo Love Ring Bling" Collection on eBay! See my "#ImBornTo Love Ring Bling" Collection on eBay!

My other eBay #ImBornTo Collections

#ImBornTo Homeschool

#ImBornTo Dress Modestly 



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