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7 Bridal Hair Trends for Spring 2014


re  you getting married this spring?  If so, then it is time to start thinking about your bridal hairstyle. There are many popular bridal trends for 2014. Several are beautiful hairstyles to consider for your special day. The following is a list of seven options to consider.

1 – Voluminous Ballet Bun

If you have strong features, then a voluminous ballet bun might be a great option to select for your bridal hairstyle. With this type of hairstyle, you can create the drama that a ballet bun creates while leaving some of the romance in your hair. Instead of pulling your hair so tightly, leave it looser. Also, try adding a hair extension to give the bun more height. Finally, choose an elegant headpiece to complete this look and keep your hair in place.

2 – Twisted Low Up Do

For a classic bride, the twisted low up do is a great hairstyle that was seen on many runways during Fashion Week. This look works well with any hair color. It is simple and sophisticated. If you are considering wearing a veil on the back of your head, this hairdo is a must.

3 – Center Part Up Do

A strong trend for bridal up dos in 2014 is the center part. Brides that have larger brows look amazing with this type of up do. The center part helps frame their face, and it draws attention to their beautiful brows. The hair in the up do can be styled many different ways. However, it is most common for brides to wear a loose, messy bun with this look.

4 – Waves

Although it is common for many brides to put their hair up for a wedding, a down hairstyle is completely acceptable and on trend for 2014. Natural looking waves, for example, might be very fitting for a more casual outdoor ceremony. This is also a great look for brides who are more informal.

5 – Low Chignon

One of the most classic hairstyles is the low chignon. In 2014, it still remains a hairstyle that is popular among brides. In fact, this style is so beloved because it looks good on just about anyone. Even women with shorter hair can pull off this hairstyle with some clip in extensions.

6 – Straight

While straight hair is less common for weddings, it is becoming more popular with the availability of extensions. In 2014, many brides are opting out of pulling up their hair. Instead, they just want to make their hair longer for their special day.

7 – High-Rise Hairstyle

A high-rise hairstyle is a fashion forward hairstyle that many brides are choosing for their special day. This style adds a lot of volume in the front of the face. The bangs of the hair are pulled up for a unique image that draws your attention to the beauty of the bride. This type of hairstyle looks especially nice on women with a lot of texture in their hair.

These seven hairstyles are great options to consider for your wedding day. They can enhance your overall beauty and help you feel like you are one of a kind. After all, it is not everyday that you tie the knot.



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