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Five Minute Friday: CROWD


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 don’t like crowdsI don’t like shopping either, if there is a crowd of people.  I don’t do Black Friday shopping.  Too many people.  I can even have a panic attack being at a ladies retreat – with a crowd of women, not knowing where I fit in or who to sit with.  

tubAnd, sometimes at home, it can also seem like there’s a crowd.  It can be one of those days when the kids have tattled one too many times, the phone has rung one too many times with either no one there or some soliciting calls . . . .the kids are still tattling . . . the Awana book is still missing along with the youngest’s glasses (again) and now, instead of the kids tattling . . . they are yelling the other child’s offenses real loud so I can hear them.  Calgon take me away is not far enough away.  There’s a crowd in this house and I need some time ALONE!  (Yes, you can send me to time out – alone somewhere!)

[A]nd great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities.
But He would withdraw to desolate places and pray.
Luke 5:15-16

No, I do not feed crowds like Jesus did – but sometimes five kids can seem like 5000 pressing in on me when the winter has dragged on and the kids need to run as much as I need ALONE.  An escape to my bedroom with no banging on the door, or mama can I come in; where are you mama, or can I have a snack  for just 20 minutes, sounds like an escape.  A weekend away to a cabin or hotel, alone, sounds wonderful too! It certainly was not that Jesus did not like the crowd of people. He loved them beyond measure.  But He too needed space. He knew He was going to die for them.  But He needed time away, alone, to pray and be with His Father.

I am learning to feel not guilty for wanting and needing time alone, from my mini crowd, that it is ok, to go to my room to read, alone, to pray, alone, to just breath, alone!

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: CROWD

  1. I am learning the exact same lesson. And yes, these kiddos are totally a crowd, a very needy crowd. I escape to the bathroom, but at least half of the time some horrible atrocity has happened within like a minute of my being in there… Hope you’re finding time for your mommy time outs 🙂 I get one tomorrow (my husband has school to night so it’s just me from morning till bedtime) and I’m so looking forward to it!

  2. I hate crowds too. won’t do it. no matter how much I want to be there, I dislike shopping in crowds and dislike concerts with massive crowds. I am with you on that one.

  3. I know that feeling where you’re being pressed in on from every corner (in your home!). I’ve combatted in by getting up earlier and enjoying a quiet house to myself. When I don’t do this, let’s just say it can get ugly fast 😉

    Praying God helps you find those moments of rest as you seek to serve your family well. (I’m your neighbor at 5MF).

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