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Why consider a Family Trust


he first time anticipating flying in an airplane after having children was quite a nervous time for me. planeMy husband and I were to be flying across the country to a convention, leaving six children behind, including a baby around one year old.  Thought it was an exciting time for us and there were those little nagging fears . . . what if the airplane crashed? What happens with the children?

willSo, we did some research and learned why it was of importance to discuss family trusts and make some very important financial decisions if my husband and/or I should die, leaving our children behind.  No, we did not have a lot of personal property and great wealth, as some may need  help with property accounting, but it was important for us to know where our children would go and how they would be brought up, and that our family home was being held by a family trust.  Wills needed to be done with utmost care and sensitivity with young children and who would be the recipient of of assets and taking care of our children. 

This sure is not an easy subject. Death and the concerns that go with it is not something we as parents really want to think about or discuss, but is one of those necessary things that has to be done if we have concerns where our children and assets could go.  This is a something that must be done, and then re-evaluated every ten years or so.

For those in the New Zealand area, here is another link to research regarding  Term Life Insurance from Platinum.



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