Inspire Me Monday: Help my friend find her birth mom

Meet Hannah.
Hannah would also like to meet her birth mom.

I hope that you can be inspired to help Hannah find her birth mom.

I am thankful to call Hannah, my dear, beautiful friend, though we live too far apart now.  We have known each other over 17 years and have gone through many ups and downs of life.  I was privileged to be with her when her two day old baby boy slipped away to heaven and then at side when her youngest was daughter was born.  We have rejoiced and wept together.  We also have the common bond that both of us were adopted.

I met my birth parents nearly 25 years ago.  It answered so many questions, especially the why’s, who I look like, if I have siblings, and more why’s.  Though my relationship with them has drifted, I was able to hug both my birth parents and thank them for giving me life.  I was able to share my faith in Jesus with them.  I learned my birth mom is a crafty person, and loves to knit.  She knit my husband and I a beautiful bedspread.  I learned more about my health background.  I learned that she did think about me on every one of my birthdays just as I wondered about her throughout the years.

Birth parents do not take the place or overstep the “real parents” – the parents that raised an adopted child.  The parents that adopted me are my mom and dad.  The same with Hannah.  She has wonderful, Godly parents who raised her to love God.  Hannah wants to thank her birth mom for giving her life on this side of heaven.  And Hannah has questions and deep unknowns that need to fill the gaps in her life.

This past Saturday was Hannah’s birthday.  Below is what she posted on Facebook.  She wants to find her birth mom.  She know’s she was given the name Cynthia when she was born on March 8, 1971 and her adoption was through DA Blodgett in Grand Rapids, MI.

Can you be inspired to help?  Can you link to this blog page?
Can you share the link on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest?

Because of my adoption story and history, I’ve been inspired to share about Hannah.

I hope you will be too!Hannah



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