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Girls Can Go to Prom, Beautifully & Modestly


ith two girls in high school at a Charter school,  we are now faced with decisions with Proms and Homecomings, which our older children who were homeschooled never attended. There was talk with one of our girls just going with a bunch of her girlfriends from school and having a fun time. With two postponements because of snow, she just never followed through to get a ticket.   Though our girls have not gone to a dance yet, both have already said, “What would I even wear?“.  And I am thinking, “what about modesty?”

A huge consideration in finding the right prom dress is one that is modest.  Besides just being modest, one of our daughters has had three open heart surgeries and she does not like her scar and bump from the irregular healing of her bones showing.  I did some internet searching and there are several on that BOTH my girls AND mom liked!  My younger daughter really likes this lilac colored dress which has beautiful sequin beading.  What girl wouldn’t like to spin around in a beautiful dress like this!

Each prom or homecoming dress attire is different. Sometimes it seems more relaxed and other times, the girls go all out with being very dressy along with the guys in tuxedos.  This seems to be something a little harder to find that is modest, but at JenJenHouse we found some great ones.  The yellow Chiffon Prom Dress comes in over fifteen different colors.

Then there is this beautiful Charmeuse prom dress with a Mermaid Cowl Neck and a beautiful sweep train. The lace beading around the waist is such a nice touch. This is probably my favorite dress, though mom is NOT going to the prom!  It is just so elegantly feminine without revealing so much!  Though I love the color shown, there are over twenty other colors to choose from as well!

Besides all dresses having numerous colors to choose from, even better is each dress is made-to-order.  The standard dress size can be chosen or it can be tailored to custom measurements.

It is reassuring to know that our girls can go to a school prom, and be beautifully dressed, and yet be modest.



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