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Dreaming of a New Kitchen Backsplash?


ne thing I look forward to eventually doing, is replacing our kitchen backsplash. When we remodeled our kitchen many years ago with new cupboards and flooring, the backsplash was just one thing we never did.  Though I wish we had, I see so many new types of backspashes that I really love.

What seems to really be in now is the various  stainless steel and metal mosaic backsplashes. These can add such a unique dimension to a kitchen.  I think the hardest part will be picking out the one out of so many I do like.   It is also a great feature that metal ones are not porous like ceramic or stone tile. making it so easy to maintain and keep clean.  .

There are several I really like on  This one to the left is called Roman Pattern Stainless Steel and Pewter Accents Tile and is my absolute favorite. I love the unique details to it and who would have ever thought of pewter in a kitchen!  I love that it could go in a modern kitchen or an old farmhouse kitchen. It was inspired by the antique cobblestone streets in Europe.

I also like really like the Brick Antique Copper Mosaic Tile which is made with real pieces of copper that have an antique finish.  This could even be nice in another area of the home, including a fireplace surrounding.

I am not one into ultra modern designs and find it pleasing that many times the metal tile backsplashes can seem so modern, but to fine some in my taste is a lot of fun!

Which one would you pick?



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