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Daily Prompt: New Sensation


 Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or
current trends you think are stylin’.


oesn’t it seem many of our childhood fashions come around to our own children? I remember my favorite bell bottom pants that I wore in probably junior high – a creamy soft cotton corduroy with big pink and peach flowers on it.  I so loved those pants.  I only wore jeans about one time a week to school . . . my mom still was not used to girls wearing “boy’s pants” to school.  I remember too, in probably 4th grade when mini skirts were in.  I’d wear plaid skirts and at school roll the waistband over one . . . two . . . maybe three times – til it became a mini skirt!!  Can’t imagine why I’d discover one of my own younger girls doing this!!

blog1One thing I do not see any more – though I think I was the only kid even way back in the 70’s wearing, was what I called “shoe boots”. They were boots that I pulled over my shoes. Ohhh, I hated them, while all the other girls wore nice fancy knee high boots with no shoes worn in them! 

The Farrah Fawcett hair style was certainly in . . .  and seems to be somewhat in style even now again!  

Today I am thankful that the the fashion trends allow for modesty, especially with the layering.  A low cut top can easily be worn with a lacy camisole under. There are definitely “girl” jeans than there was in the 1970’s – dressy ones, cute ones and all different colors!  The one fashion style I do like is wearing pajamas out in public! Sweat clothes is about the worst “I don’t care” or “run to the store and hope no one sees me” style I might quickly do.  And later regret if I run into someone I know!

So what about your favorite trends or not so favorite ones from today or from the youth days?

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