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{Rarely} Wordless Wednesday: Visitation

Brother & Sister Visitation: Cancer Sucks



Fourteen days post bone marrow transplant.
Bree, visiting with her brother.  

Please keep Bree, and her family close in prayer.  
From Bree’s mama (2-17-14):

I am so thankful for some small improvements. Bree is in much less pain over all. She still has bone pain in her feet and her back. She had stomach pain and her eyes hurt from rubbing and wiping tears away. Her lips are raw from wiping mucus and vomit constantly. She says her throat and tongue are burning. But, the doctors have decreased her morphine and she doesn’t push her button anymore. So that is Good News! Please pray for her kidneys, liver and her spleen. I am not sure exactly what is happening with them. They are still doing tests. They are doing a 12 hour urine test and blood work. She has had two ultrasounds done on her kidneys, liver and spleen. The doctors said that the engraftment happened so fast that it may be the reason for some of these issues. Please pray for these issues to resolve and for Bree to return to be able to play and work on getting healthy. God bless. Xo Jenny.

Pray for Bree

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