Inspire Me Monday: Amazon Favorites under $10!

I like Mondays.  
It’s a new week, new beginnings, new  things to start over,
new menu plans to try, new school lessons to achieve, new patterns to set
and new sales to check out to help beat the winter blahs!

How about one (or two or more) of these
Charming Beautiful Polka Dot Scarves
4 different colors –
$2.59 each with NO shipping cost!!

$2.59 Scarves on Amazon - no shipping cost!  4 different colorsI think I like these  Beige Porcelain Pattern Gaze De Paris Scarf Wrap Silk Scarves more,
and only one additional dollar more and still, free shipping!

$4 Scarves on Amazon with NO shipping cost!  Woot Woot!

I am always losing a little scissors or something to cut yarn with.  I’ve paid out more money to bribe the kids to find a scissors than several of these Clover Yarn Cutter Pendants.  I think this should go on my NEED list!  Maybe if I kept one on a chain I’d finally never lose it!?!?!

$6.90 with free shipping (at this time)

yarn cutter pendant - I NEED ONE OF THESE! $6.90 on Amazon w/ free shipping!!I already purchased one of these Clip on “Yarn” Charm Pendants w/ Lobster Claspfor a friend, and sent it to her in Texas and it never arrived to her. 😦 I liked it a lot that when I reorder one, I may get one for me too.  These are reasonably priced at $5 + $1.80 shipping.

I WANT ONE OF THESE - clip on yarn charm! Fun Gift!  $4.99 + $1.80 shipping!

And of course for the winter blah days, brightening up rooms . . .
like my daughter has done in the baby nursery
Owls on a Branch – Nursery Wall Art Stickers Decal for Nursery Home Decor
$3.99 + $2.98 shipping
this sure is an economical fun way to decorate a nursery!

FUN NURSERY IDEA & CHEAP THROUGH AMAZON!  $3.99 + $2.98 shippingLarge 59”x 57” Colorful Owl Big Tree Animal Garden Wall Stickers Removable Wall Decal
$6.14 + $4.99 shipping

EASY NURSERY IDEA! Large 59''x 57'' Colorful Owl Big Tree Animal Garden Removable Wall Decal  $6.14 + $4.99 shipping



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