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Five Minute Friday: WRITE


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 received a handwritten note in the mail the other day. Like most of us, I receive e-mails, texts, Facebook messages and comments every day. It’s the way I keep in touch with my kids, especially my older four who do not live at home anymore.  I love hearing from them, getting a new picture (almost every day) of my grand daughter. One of my daughter’s and I have a little game on Wednesdays – who can send the first new picture for  “What day is it? It’s HUMP day” via text.  I enjoy these connections with my kids. Yet, I treasure the handwritten notes from them and cards from through the years.  I still have a box full of little post-it-notes my husband would leave for me every morning when our oldest kids were very young.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, the other day, when I received a handwritten note from an elderly woman in my church, to say she missed me in small group and at church, it soared my heart, because, it was personal – she meant it. She took the time to write.  And she even has Facebook, but took the time to pick out a little note card, write personally to me, showing care and that she is praying, I knew it was real.  It’s just not the same as clicking the “LIKE” button on Facebook, or writing, “praying for you” in three seconds. It’s taking the time, to write out the card, address an envelope, put a stamp on it, and for her, walk a distance to her mailbox to send it. And I believe it when she says she is praying for me.  

I used to write cards and letters often. fuller-letterMy mom would encourage letters. And what a treasure one letter is I wrote to my pastor and his wife after she led me to the Lord. She found it numerous years ago and sent it to me.

It’s not as easy to tuck away e-mails or Facebook comments.  But a letter we have written may lay on a desk, be stuck away in a Bible to remember to pray for someone, or something we come across years later to treasure and reminisce about. 

Family busyness, life, and the ease of e-mail and Facebook have kept me from rarely sending a card or letter. Even birthday cards are a rarity now.  We can do it all through Facebook.  There’s the advantage of remembering easier, but I wonder, how much we could make other’s hearts soar by taking the time to write.  I wonder if encouraging our children, to do it WITH us, would help bring back something that is not only missing from our lives to encourage someone, but also for the person who receives the written note or card.

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