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Dreaming of Gardening!


t has been a long, cold winter and not only lots of snow, but many snow days cancelling school. bean bagIt’s been so frigid, that even the outdoor sledding and snowman making has been quite limited. So instead, kids are indoors more looking for things to do (not daring to say they are bored because mom will find chores and clean-up to do), but more brownies are being made, more crafts covering the kitchen table and watching movies while they cuddle in the big bean bag chairs eating popcorn. The best part has been watching the old family movies my brother-in-law was able to save and put on CD for us.

With the older girls off from school for snow days, it can make it difficult to keep the younger ones at home stick with their homeschooling. Though they have had some snow days too, it is difficult to keep them motivated when we need to keep moving forward.  I have been thankful how the older girls do help the younger ones when they are home.  I try to change things around a bit, especially with different writing prompts and “games” that they are actually learning from. Even changing their desks to different locations or playing “musical desks” helps!  Soon this winter stuff will be over!

Once spring does finally arrive to stay, our kids who attend a charter school will be quite disappointed with their extended school year while our three homeschooled children will have their outdoor horticulture classes (gardening!!). One thing that our family always anticipates is planning of our garden. It’s dreaming time along with discovering new vegetables we never heard of! Some years we do a large garden, other years just a few tomato and green pepper plants and zucchini.  garden shedThe kids like to pick out what vegetables they will be in charge of, hoping to grow them the best.  They also learn what plants not to plant near each other that can change the tastes of their vegetables. With the very noticeable financial increase in groceries, we are hoping to get a large garden in this year to freeze and can for next winter.

Before we know it, thankfully, it will be time to clean out the garden shed and hopefully find all our garden tools to get our mini greenhouse going to start seedling plants in it.  Right now it is fun to look through garden magazines and dream of the warm weather!  It will come!



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