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Thankful Thursday ~ NEW LIFE

Bree New Life


last night,  was the time Bree‘s bone marrow transplant was completed!  

Her mama said she was sound asleep and doing wonderfully.  

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!  

I can only imagine the relief that this part is done, and the hopeful hearts for this family and loved ones that this gives Bree new life – a new healthy, cancer-free life – thankful for the unknown young man who gave of his time and his bone marrow to a precious 10 year old girl.

In less than 3 hours, the picture above had over 3,000 likes on Facebook.  So many prayers lifted up for her!  So many rejoicing! So many thankful!

And I am thankful again, for the gift of life – BLOOD – for Bree, for my daughter who had three open heart surgeries and needed “normal” blood transfusions (of which Bree has gotten hundreds) and for myself that also saved my life.

As I look at the picture above, thinking of those life saving cells dripping into Bree, to give her new life, how it too is the picture of what Jesus did for us, hanging on a cross, bleeding out for us, that we might live forever with Him and as we hope and pray for Bree to have new life with these new blood cells adhering throughout her body, Jesus already did it for us, coming alive – no longer dead, so we too can be raised from the death of our sins, and live with Him forever. He is adhered to us, never to leave us but giving us new life abundant.

It’s a lot to be thankful for.

Thank you Father.  For the gift of Your Son. For giving us new life. And for that donor that has given new life to Bree, and the many blood donors that give daily to give new life.  

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