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Five Minute Friday: A Queen for My HERO


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e all have the heroes that weave in and out of our lives. Little kids dress-up as their favorite hero from the prettiest ballerina to Superman.  iron manThough our youngest had never seen an Iron Man movie, he wanted an Iron Man outfit to be the hero and protect (or capture?) his older sisters.   And so very often, we put everyday people into our lives, build them up as heroes, until they fail us.  I am thankful one specific Hero, the One who died on the cross will not fail me, though I fail Him so very often.

But we do have people in our lives that go above and beyond the call of duty to be heroes.  Though our family could not attend, a girl I have watched grow up since she was born, qualifies for hero, though she’d say no way, and the family she was helping raise money for are the heroes, especially the girl fighting leukemia.

Queen EstherEsther, 18 years old, is triumphing through the battle wounds of a broken home, shines brightly for Jesus and probably the most popular waitress at our local Big Boy. 🙂  Yesterday was a fundraiser day at Big Boy with 15% of food purchases going to help a family whose daughter is in the hospital, about to get a bone marrow transplant.  Esther donated her tips from her 12+ hours of waitressing and greeting people. Many people heroes also donated above and beyond a normal tip. Over $800 from tips and donations will be donated to Bree’s family (this does not include the 15% from food purchases).

That’s why, right now, dear Esther, you are my hero, as you are to many others.  Our family knows with spending a lot of time in the hospital, how it claims all the monetary resources, and for Bree’s family to have less to worry about, it helps them prioritize it all to Bree, where it should be.

And I know too, Esther, you will want to take the hero hat off, and give it to Bree for fighting this cancer war, but, you will still remain, Queen Esther!  🙂  I love you and am proud of you!

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