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SNOW DAY COMPLAINTS? Please rethink . . .

Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.


wo of our girls attend a charter school part-timeSnow Day Complaints? Why I am Rethinking  and are excited because tomorrow is yet another snow day – the 5th snow day in a row!!  I am just as happy to have them home.  Yes, more food is being eaten, more messy crafts are scattered about, and more movies being watched which means more blankets and pillows in the living room. Yet, it’s sad so many parents write on Facebook that they are so ready for their kids to go back to school, can’t keep the house clean because they are home or their kids are driving them crazy and they need them to go back to school. I certainly understand it messing up parent’s work schedules and there needs to be an alternate plan, but I just wonder how kids feel when it seems parents do not want them home.

What if,
this very snow day,
is the last memory you make with your child?
What if God calls one of you to heaven,
today . . . tomorrow . . . next week . . .
or even sometime this year?
What if tomorrow you get a bad health diagnosis,
or even worse,
your child ? 

Would you treasure today’s snow day?

Would you pray for more snow days?

Though we homeschool three children full-time and have homeschooled for over 20 years, and there are days I so need some space and time alone, I hope my children do not feel I want to get rid of them. I am even taking snow days with our homeschooling (or at least cutting things out) when the other two do not have school. My almost 7 year old son wants to go to the church service with us each Sunday instead of his age group Sunday School class. Of course there are those who think I am spoiling him (he is the baby of a dozen children!) but that is ok.  I think of how quickly he will want to be away from me and hang out with his own friends and not be sitting by his mom.  It will come too soon.

I am reading on Facebook of a mom also reminding us as we complain about the bitter cold and snow days, there are moms who wish they were not spending weeks upon weeks in the hospital by a sick child.  They want snow days at home with their child, healthy and whole again. They want to get out of the sterile four walls they are cooped up in.

We take so many things for granted.  If you are having another snow day at home with your children, have a pajama day and snuggle up and read a funny book, go through some baby albums, clean a closet together AND HAVE FUN, and then make some fudgey brownies and hot chocolate (of course with lots of whip cream and marshmallows!).

And whisper a prayer right now for our friends whose little girl, Bree, is in the hospital, preparing for a bone marrow transplant, and would rather be at home with her family on this snow day. Bree’s mama shares this, about snow days:

These snow days…. They hurt me… I am one of those moms that lives for the ticker on the T.V. to says [our] Public closed. It always means fun for my girls and I. Sleeping in, snuggling, crafts, movies, making messes, visiting dad at work and bringing him lunch. Bree and I are at the hospital and Madison and Dad are at home. I am missing having snow days with my girls, enjoy yours if you are able to be home with your kiddos. xoxo

Just maybe on this snow day more is being learned than in school . . . about family and loving and making special memories that will be in the photo album to look back on 20 years from now.

PS – This article was not written about any particular mom friend complaining about snow days. Many have, but seriously, no name comes to mind of anyone in particular.  It’s not about YOU! But maybe you will see it in a different way!   🙂



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