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{NOT} Wordless Wednesday ~ Her Sweet Sixteen Birthday in Heaven

AngelaDaisesI thought about writing about her the other day, when the Daily Prompt was Sweet Sixteen.  Today that little girl we held so briefly, is Sweet Sixteen.  Sixteen sweet years she has been in heaven, seeing Jesus face to face, walking on golden streets with the angels, David, Mary, Job and so many more.

Though she was an infant, 36 weeks gestation when she was born still, the picture of her in my mind is of a little girl, about three years old, with blonde curls and bright blue eyes, twirling in a white lacy dress.   

angelI still wonder – does God part the clouds for her to peak in on us? Does she run to her big brother Matthew, and say . . . . “look, at our little niece! She’s rolling over.”  Matthew so loved babies – I like to think they love on the babies together.  I even wonder, being this also the 41st anniversary of Roe vs Wade, how many babies they hold as a result of abortion.  

Though she is thought of so often, today is her day, a day I am still thankful to have loved her than not at all.   A bittersweet day, missing what we missed out on – but she has not missed anything here.  And so tonight we will have a cake and be thankful for our little sweet sixteen daughter, who only knows sweetness and purity with Jesus.  

And I wonder again, will she she catch the kisses I blow to her today?  Maybe Matthew teases her and catches some meant for her! 

And does she blow kisses back?

I think so.

Happy Birthday our Angela Hope.

We love you.


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6 thoughts on “{NOT} Wordless Wednesday ~ Her Sweet Sixteen Birthday in Heaven

  1. Loni, This is so sweet. My heart goes out to you. I have three precious children in heaven too though I didn’t carry them as long as you carried Angela. What is Matthew’s story? Love to you, Amy

  2. My belief is that the little ones we lost in infancy are in the spirit world as adults, but in the resurrection, when their bodies are returned to them, in renewed and perfect glory, we (the moms and dads who mourn them) get to raise them at that time from their infancy to adulthood–and..bonus! in a millennial world free from evil and death! so, you won’t miss out, it is just delayed for a time! ❤

  3. Hi Loni, our mutual friend Kathy S. told me about your blog. I too lost a little girl. I was 37 weeks pregnant, and she would have turned 18 this summer. Her name was Madison Elisabeth. Angela Hope was a beautiful baby. Don’t you just cherish those pictures you have of her? I cherish mine. I pray that God has drawn near to you today as you think of your sweet girl. Heaven is sweeter because our Lovies are there. Grace to you ~ Kathryn

    1. Thank you for your note, Kathryn. Indeed, I am so thankful for the pictures I have of her, though very few. I have a close friend that had a baby who went to heaven at 3 days of age, and she got so many many pictures. But I am thankful. But heaven will sure be SO much better! 🙂 Thank you for writing! ~Loni

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